Driving sales using gamification - Playable

How to use gamification to increase sales

We explore 10 compelling examples of brands that have harnessed the power of gamification to effectively increase sales through diverse...

Zero-party data blogpost Playable

How playable marketing drives consumers to share zero-party data?

In this article, we demonstrate why playable marketing is an optimal method for collecting zero-party data in your marketing strategy....

7 MarTech trends marketers should know

Want to know the latest about martech, the metaverse, and what Dragon's Den's Steven Bartlett says is the next wave...

How to use a phygital strategy to drive online customers to stores

Drive online customers into stores with a phygital strategy that's focused on meaningful experiences.

Gamification and the value exchange: how to make the most of location data

First-party data like location or zip code can be your brand's competitive advantage - here's why.

How to warm up cold leads with marketing automation

How to warm up cold leads is no easy task for any marketer or salesperson.

QR Codes: The comeback kid

QR codes are a huge opportunity for the omnichannel world.

The importance of a solid email database

Email marketing has a high ROI, but how can marketers be confident that their database is healthy and up-to-date?

Gamifying a retail store opening

Here’s how Shaping New Tomorrow created a multichannel experience for their customers.

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