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Welcome to Playable

Playable is the gamification platform for marketers. Combining the power of play with the fundamentals of gamification, we unlock playable marketing; using interactivity to engage for extraordinary results.

Our flexible Saas platform allows marketers to create, tailor and deploy marketing gamification campaigns that deliver results at every touchpoint. Powering the playable marketing of 650+ brands globally, 15 games are played every second from our platform.

How we changed the game

Playable was established in Denmark in 2017, as Leadfamly. Recognizing the challenges faced by businesses in adapting to evolving consumer behaviors – and struggling to connect with their target audiences, we harnessed the power of play and the concept of marketing gamification technology. 

Enter the Playable platform; an accessible, self-serve gamification platform, enabling companies to engage meaningfully with their audiences

Today, we’re dedicated to helping ambitious marketers integrate playable marketing into their strategies.

  • 2017 – 1st game launched from our platform
  • 2018 – 100 customers in the first full year
  • 2018 – First venture capital investment
  • 2018 – London operations opened
  • 2019 – 2 game plays every second from our platform
  • 2019 – Finland operations opened
  • 2020 – 30th game type launched
  • 2021 – 1 million game plays achieved in 1 day
  • 2022 – 600 customers – check!
  • 2022 – 100,000 game campaigns created from our platform
  • 2022 – Leadfamly rebrands as Playable
  • 2023 – 15 game plays every second from the Playable platform

Our people

Our expert teams in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Helsinki and London inspire game-changing marketing every day.

Playable is nothing without the people who define the company. The values and behaviours that we live by daily is the foundation of how we can succeed in becoming the most effective marketing tool in the stack.

Pioneering Spirit

Approaching challenges with creativity and curiosity

Leaning in

Because it matters


Taking responsibility with our actions, behaviours, and words

You matter

Playing together to win

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