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Trust. Skilled team players. Caring managers. A balanced life. 

This is how our colleagues describe the culture that makes up Playable, transforming our ambition to make playable marketing an integrated discipline for ambitious marketers.

At Playable, each colleague has been chosen because of their personality and skill set. What makes us each unique also creates our joint path to success. That’s where you might fit in.

PLAY. Our core behaviours

Playable is nothing without the people defining the company. When investing time at work for our careers, it needs to matter. Enter our core behaviours, PLAY.

They are an integral part of how we give feedback, highlight role models – Game Changers – and more formally part of our Performance & Development conversations. These are the behaviours we strive towards exhibiting daily at Playable.

Approaching challenges with creativity and curiosity

In daily life, this is having the ability to work with limited processes or find the smartest solution with speed and alignment in mind. It’s also the default response to change. A dynamic environment is a given when joining a growing organisation at scale-up stage.

Pioneering spirit careers Playable

Because it matters 

Your manager will give you feedback on your ability to contribute when a challenge is identified and how you help colleagues outside your own sphere (without losing sight of your own responsibilities). It’s also important to consider leaning in across a team to avoid bottlenecks or burnouts. 

Leaning in careers Playable

Taking responsibility with our actions, behaviours, and words

Being accountable is a two-way street. It’s your ability to build trust among colleagues – and your ability to trust them in return. How do you act when you identify an issue: focus on identifying problems or on finding solutions? We try to talk about mistakes too; it’s not comfortable, but accountability is also about owning weakness or sharing misunderstandings.

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Playing together to win

In a growing company, it is a given that we can rely on everyone to pull together. We strive to communicate with respect, show sincere interest and understand the power of our differences. We are a lovely mix of introverts and extroverts – so our ‘yay’-energy shows in many ways.

You matter careers at Playable.

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