Here’s the latest about gamification in marketing and how you can use playable marketing to attract, engage, and retain your customers

How to collect zero-party data with gamification | Playable

How to collect better zero-party data with marketing gamification

Struggling with GDPR and third-party data bans? Explore how zero-party data and gamification can revolutionize your marketing strategy, helping you...

always-on-campaigns - blog header - playable
Gamification 101

Always-on marketing: how to master your customer journey (with 11 examples)

In this article, we'll explore what is always-on marketing and how gamification can enhance it! Plus, we'll share 11 examples.

Back-to-school campaigns image.
Seasonal marketing

How to create outstanding back-to-school campaigns that drive results

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on creating outstanding back-to-school campaigns! From valuable insights and stats to creative ideas, we have...

Summer marketing campaigns
Seasonal marketing

A quick guide to engaging summer marketing that works!

If you’re facing a summer slump or want to promote a seasonal offering, a gamified summer campaign could be the...


Playable reaches significant milestones in 2023

Playable: The Aarhus-born SaaS company has just published their annual report for 2023.

Summer campaigns with gamification image.
Seasonal marketing

5 inspiring summer campaigns: gamification done right!

Creating summer campaigns is a golden opportunity for marketers to connect, engage, and grow your audience.

Campaign promotion with Playable image.

How to promote your playable campaigns

Unlock the potential of playable marketing by learning how to effectively promote your campaigns!

Interactive posts with Playable

How marketers should leverage interactive posts!

Real-life examples of brands that have achieved remarkable success by sharing engaging playable campaigns through interactive posts.

Product and brand awareness image

5 gamification hacks for maximum product awareness

Explore five creative ways to leverage gamification to generate product awareness, educate your audience about product features, and ultimately drive...

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