Here’s the latest about gamification in marketing and how you can use playable marketing to attract, engage, and retain your customers

year in review playable 2022
Customer Engagement

Playable’s Year in Review 2022

In 2022, our focus has been dedicated to enabling our customers to deliver moments that matter.

Data Enrichment

Data capture in marketing

Data capture in marketing is a must-have. See examples of data capture using gamification, and learn how playable marketing can...

Customer Engagement

6 Facts About How Virgin Red Uses Games In Its Marketing Strategy

Virgin Red has used games for years. Here’s what we learned talking to its Head Of Engagement

Gamification 101

Leadfamly is becoming Playable

Leadfamly is now Playable. Say hello to playable marketing where every interaction between brand and audience is meaningful.

Customer Engagement

5 Excellent Examples Of Advent Calendars

Looking for inspiration for this year’s Christmas campaign? We’ve compiled five great ideas.

Customer Engagement

Why incentives are important to customer engagement

Incentives that drive behavior can be simpler and less expensive that you may think.

Customer Engagement

7 MarTech Trends Marketers Should Know

Want to know the latest about martech, the metaverse, and what Dragon's Den's Steven Bartlett says is the next wave...

Customer Engagement

Gamification In Finance: How To Maximize Its Potential

Here's why gamification is a perfect fit for financial services to engage and educate their audiences.

Customer Engagement

How To Use A Phygital Strategy To Drive Online Customers To Stores

Drive online customers into stores with a phygital strategy that's focused on meaningful experiences.

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