Zero-party data blogpost Playable

How playable marketing drives consumers to share zero-party data?

In this article, we demonstrate why playable marketing is an optimal method for collecting zero-party data in your marketing strategy....

Data enrichment best practices blog post Playable

6 useful data enrichment best practices you need to know

A great method of data enrichment is to collect zero-party data through interactive and playable experiences. In this article, we...


Data capture in marketing

Data capture in marketing is a must-have. See examples of data capture using gamification, and learn how playable marketing can...


Here’s how to use behavorial science to level up customer experience

Behavioral science can help marketers grab attention and enhance the customer experience. Here's how.

How to warm up cold leads with marketing automation

How to warm up cold leads is no easy task for any marketer or salesperson.

What is first party data?

Why is first party (and zero party) data so important? And how can you collect the data that matters?

Preparing for HFSS: How marketers can act now

With a fast approaching HFSS legislation, markters need to act now. Here's how to.

Why is digital transformation important?

Consumer engagement continues to become more complex and unreliable. Technologies like automation and gamification can help. Here’s how.

Apple update gamification

Is iOS15 actually an opportunity for marketers?

It’s a chance to build up your own trusted database by asking for data directly from your audience.

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