The gamification platform for marketing

Playable is a flexible platform that allows you to integrate gamification in your marketing in all stages. We’re a tool available any time and best used throughout the customer journey to immerse audiences in playable brand experiences

See how it works

  • Create unique custom branded gamification campaigns
  • Embed across channels and your broader strategies
  • Build extraordinary experiences with over 30+ game concepts
  • Capture valuable customer insights with customizable forms

Attract, engage, and retain

  • Reach new customers by harnessing the power of play
  • Create multi-channel campaigns that can be engaged on site, on social, and in-store
  • Build exciting campaigns that create memorable brand experiences
  • Retain and grow loyalty by rewarding your customers
  • Understand more about your customers and create personalized experiences
  • Track campaign success in your analytics tool and view live performance through dashboards

Want to explore your potential with Playable?

Our game concepts

The Playable platform offers 30+ customizable game concepts that fit into three categories:

Give your audience a chance to win

Luck games

This game category represents formats that are recognized from the physical world like Spin the wheel, Roll the dice, or Scratchcard

Give your audience a chance to win with our digital luck games

Make your audience think

Knowledge games

This game category allows your audience to show their knowledge in concepts like a Quiz, Personality test, or Guess the image

Make your audience think with our digital knowledge games

Let your audience test their abilities

Skill games

This game category creates memorable and long lasting experiences for your target audience with a Puzzle, Memory Game, or Snake 

Let your audience test their abilities with our digital skill games

Key features

Our platform empowers everyday users to ideate, build, and execute gamification campaigns
Here are the key features that enable this:

Game CMS

Game content flow and landing page management, dynamic content, video embedding, countdown modules, social sharing, interactive pop-ups, and more.

Visual editor

The Playable platform has an intuitive frontend editor that makes using game mechanics quick and easy. Use the custom landing page builder to ensure on-brand experiences and a pre-launch demo mode to do that last quality check.

30+ game concepts

With so many different types of mechanics you can create campaigns and experiences that will complement your wider marketing strategy and help you exceed your goals and KPIs.

Embed everywhere

Website, application, in-store, and social media. Wherever you engage with your customers you can embed your Playable experiences and create 360 campaigns that will delight.

Branded design & layout

Use global settings to add your brand’s fonts and colors to ensure brand consistency across all your Playable campaigns.

Ultimate flexibility

Apply custom CSS and use toggle grids for enhanced layout. Responsive design for desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Seamless integrations

With over 70+ native integrations, we have you covered with email and marketing automation platforms, analytics tools, storage solutions, and all major CRM systems.

Advanced reward settings

Advanced reward and prize management including location-based prizes and mobile voucher management. Even integrate with your loyalty points system.

Real-time dashboard & analytics

Keep an eye on campaign visits, registrations, engagement insights, conversion rates, and drop-offs by flow step or page.

Customized campaign templates

Create branded templates to ensure consistency for your brand and above all speed up your campaign execution.

Advanced user management

Grant role-based access to the platform and manage access rights for campaign contributors.


Whatever you build, the Playable platform will sit well within your marketing tech stack. Send your data to your CRM system, integrate into your email platform, and even connect your preferred analytics tool. With over 70+ native integrations to work with we are certain we can provide the right solution. Here are just a few:

Analytics and tracking

Creating the perfect campaign is just the start. To really maximize efforts and performance, we know how important it is to track every part of your customers’ journey. That’s why you can connect your favorite analytics software to the Playable platform including:

Playable platform dashboard example

The Playable platform comes with a live dashboard so you can keep track of all game campaign activity

Playable support

Our Playable support experts obsess about your success. Customers receive all the support they need to build and activate exciting and engaging campaigns that truly deliver outstanding results. Whether it’s last minute technical support required or strategic thinking and planning, the Playable Customer support team are always on hand to help


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6 offices with gamification specialists ready to help you in your global, or local market


Less than 30 seconds average response time through our chat support.