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Advent Calendar Guide image.

Advent Calendar Guide

In our comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of advent calendars and their evolution into a powerful marketing tool.

Christmas inspiration guide image

Christmas 2023 Inspiration Guide

Welcome to the Christmas 2023 Inspiration Guide, proudly presented by Playable. Explore ideas and inspiration to help elevate your Christmas…

Fall inspiration guide cover image.

Fall 2023 Inspiration Guide

Welcome to the Fall 2023 Inspiration Guide, proudly presented by Playable. As the leaves change and the air turns crisp,…

Unlocking the power of customer insights: mastering zero-party data

This e-guide is your go-to companion for collecting zero-party data, whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing…

Seasonal marketing guide image

Winning with seasonal marketing: a gamification strategy handbook

Seasonal marketing can help brands stay relevant and engage with their customers by tapping into the emotions, interests, and behaviors…

Retail marketers guide to playable marketing image

Retail marketer’s guide to playable marketing

Learn about gamification in retail with this guide. Discover how playable experiences can enhance your retail marketing strategy.


Actions Don’t Align To Intentions

A comparison of YouGov consumer data to Playable platform: what consumers said was conservative to how they actually behaved.

Digital marketing transformation e-guide

Digital Transformation

This e-guide outlines how game mechanics can help brands enhance their digital marketing transformation and create immersive experiences.

Making Christmas marketing playable

This ebook explains how to make your brand stand out during Christmas season with playable marketing.


Marketing is a data game

Get the latest consumer research by YouGov and Playable about gamified marketing campaigns.

customer journey gamification leadfamly

Navigating the customer journey

What are the challenges within the customer journey, including gaining, targeting and growing, and creating a retention strategy?

retail ebook gamification leadfamly

Retail is under pressure

What challenges do retail marketers face when generating brand awareness and leads?

Always-on marketing e-guide featured image

Switching On

This e-guide explores always-on marketing campaign. Why would one turn off campaigns who are turning customers to your brand?