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Switching on your always-on marketing ebook by Playable.

When planning marketing campaigns it’s easy to think of them in exactly that format. Campaigns with a start and endpoint.

It’s how marketing activity has traditionally been done.

But why should marketing be like that – and why should marketers have to limit time on something which is otherwise working? Why turn off what is turning customers toward your brand?

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Always-on marketing and game mechanics

Quite often marketing campaigns are calendar related. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and so on. Or they are seasonally related – BBQs and suntan lotion during the summer, for example. Other times they may be aligned to new product launches and promotions, but still have the common factor of a finite time to run.

Such a strategy can seem particularly outdated when you consider that the customer is always-on. So in a world where we struggle to tear ourselves away from our digital devices, why should marketing have a start and end date?

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