Navigating the customer journey with marketing gamification

Navigating the customer journey with marketing gamification ebook by Playable.

From first interaction to persuasion to first buy, the customer journey becomes more complex and nonlinear every day.

This ebook covers the challenges of the customer journey, including gaining and acquiring; targeting and growing; and creating a winning retention strategy, and how a technology like gamification solves a marketer’s pain points like gathering useful data, creating trust and goodwill, and providing value for their customers. 

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How can marketers make the most of the path to purchase? 

Marketing gamification works at every step of the customer journey, by offering an experience that is fun, engaging, and just a little different that appeals to consumers. 

We know the challenges retail marketers face, and how these can be overcome by gamification. And we like to think we know what we’re talking about: every second, two people play a game built in the Playable gamification platform.