Gamification 101

Game mechanics in marketing - Playable
Gamification 101

How to use game mechanics in marketing? (with 5 examples)

Here's the 5 game mechanics that will increase impact of commercial activities throughout the customer journey.

Summer campaigns with gamification image.
Customer Engagement

5 inspiring summer campaigns: gamification done right!

Creating summer campaigns is a golden opportunity for marketers to connect, engage, and grow your audience.

Gamification strategy featured image
Gamification 101

How to plan your gamification strategy? (with real examples)

In this post, we will be defining what is a gamification strategy, and why it’s important to have one. Then,...

Gamification 101

Leadfamly is becoming Playable

Leadfamly is now Playable. Say hello to playable marketing where every interaction between brand and audience is meaningful.

Gamification 101

Creating game-changing possibilities for your brand

The YouGov data study looks at: why consumers engage with a brand, incentives, and when consumers will share first-party data.

Gamification At Work
Gamification 101

Gamification At Work: How It Helps Employees Develop Skills For The Future

Gamification At Work: How It Helps Employees Develop Skills For The Future What does the future look like? If we...

Gamification 101

A Brief Guide To Gamification In Marketing

Here’s how marketers can use gamification, and what your audience can expect to experience.

Gamification 101

How Insurance Companies Use Gamification

A look at why insurances need to embrace new ways of marketing and two examples from companies that did.

Gamification 101

How Banks Use Gamification

We took a look at the current state of gamification in the banking industry.

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