Father’s Day marketing: Beyond the bbq

Discover how leading brands are revolutionizing Father’s Day marketing with innovative campaigns that drive engagement and boost sales!

With the vast array of Father’s Day marketing initiatives, we explore innovative Father’s Day campaigns that truly drive engagement and boost sales; ranging from fashion retailers to fragrance brands and beyond.  We look at the concept of turning seasonal campaigns into evergreen strategies, offering year-round assistance to shoppers seeking the ideal gift. 

A few Father’s Day marketing stats & trends to consider: 

  • 78% of UK consumers believe it is hard to find a gift for their dads or father figures.
  • The 5 most popular gift categories for Father’s Day in the UK are food and drink (58%), fragrance and grooming (45%), clothing (45%), mugs (36%), and personalized gifts (35%).
  • 535% of UK consumers wait until the week before Father’s Day to buy their gifts.
  • £10-£30 is the most popular amount for Father’s Day gifts in the UK.
  • By order of importance, these are the factors that influence the purchasing decisions of Father’s Day gift buyers: Product price, product quality, free delivery, next-day delivery, UK-made, and sustainably made.

While these stats are based on UK consumers, we can safely assume that it’s not only UK consumers who are struggling with finding gifts for their dads and that most of these stats can be applied to other countries!

(Sources: Father’s Day Buyers Survey Results 2023)

4 Father’s Day marketing campaigns to inspire you! 

Below, you’ll find five examples of brands that launched Father’s Day campaigns to assist their customers in finding gifts for their dads, spanning various industries.

Kaufmann – Fashion industry 

Kaufmann, a men’s fashion retailer, opted to assist their customers in discovering the ideal Father’s Day gifts tailored to their specific price range.

Campaign highlights:

  • Goal of the campaign: Drive sales
  • Type of game: Swipe It
  • Game description: To begin, participants would select their preferred price range, whether €40 or less, between €41 and €65, between €66 and €135, or more than €135. Subsequently, they would swipe right or left through various products within their chosen price bracket. Upon completion, they could view all the products they favored and proceed to purchase them effortlessly.
  • Incentive(s) to participate: There was no incentive other than the opportunity for participants to gather ideas and inspiration for their Father’s Day gifts.
  • CTA: Participants were encouraged to purchase the products they liked, and were informed that the gifts could be wrapped for them.
Kaufmann Father's Day marketing campaign

Dermosil – Fragrance & perfume industry

Dermosil, a Finnish beauty brand, anticipated that many of their customers would seek out fragrances for their fathers in honor of Father’s Day. To assist them in finding the perfect scent, Dermosil devised a brief personality test.

Campaign highlights:

  • Goal of the campaign: Collect marketing permissions & drive sales
  • Type of game: Personality test
  • Game description: Participants began by providing their contact details and then answered two simple questions. First, they selected the type of fragrance they were seeking: fresh, nuanced, or classic. Next, they described the gift receiver’s personality, choosing from options like sporty & active, adventurous & warm, or classic & elegant. Based on these responses, participants received a tailored fragrance selection.
  • Incentive(s) to participate: Participants had the chance to win one of 10 Challenger EdT perfumes.
  • CTA: A button to buy the Father’s Day gift suggested
Dermosil Father's Day marketing campaign

Rosendahl – Home decor industry

Rosendahl, a Danish design company specializing in housewares and kitchen utensils, took a unique approach by hosting a competition where participants had the chance to win their Father’s Day gifts.

Campaign highlights:

  • Goal of the campaign: Collect marketing permissions
  • Type of game: Quiz
  • Game description: Participants were required to answer one quiz question correctly to enter a draw, with three winners ultimately selected.
  • Incentive(s) to participate: Winners were offered a gift box for either the BBQ or home bar, valued at approximately €80.
  • CTA: The campaign concluded with a call-to-action button prompting participants to explore Rosendahl’s Father’s Day gift guide.
Rosendahl Father's Day marketing campaign

Danske Shoppingcentre – Shopping Center

Danske Shoppingcentre, a company that owns various shopping centers across Denmark, aimed to assist their visitors by providing inspiration based on their dads’ personalities.

Campaign highlights:

  • Goal of the campaign: Engage their audience
  • Type of game: Personality test
  • Game description: Participants answered five humorous questions about their dads to determine which of five different personality types their dads embodied (The Fixing Dad, The Sports Dad, The Dad-Jokes Dad, The Macho Dad, or The Academic Dad). Depending on their dad’s type, participants received gift inspiration. At the end of the experience, participants also had the opportunity to sign up and become eligible to win the grand prize.
  • Incentive(s) to participate: Participants had the chance to win a year’s supply of socks and underwear.
  • CTA: A CTA button encouraging participants to take part in the competition.
Danske Shoppingcentre Father's Day marketing campaign

Turn your Father’s Day campaign into an always-on campaign

While assisting customers in finding the perfect gifts for seasonal events such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas is ideal, not every marketing team has the resources and time to execute multiple campaigns. We’re all busy, and sometimes, simplifying our approach by creating one always-on campaign can be more efficient. For instance, you could implement a gift finder or product recommender on your website that’s available year-round. This way, shoppers can easily discover gifts, including birthday presents. 

Let’s explore an example!

Sirens Craft Beers – Food and drink industry

Siren Craft Beer, a modern brewery based in Berkshire, UK, harnessed the power of a gift finder on their website to aid their audience in discovering the perfect gifts.

Campaign highlights:

  • Goal of the campaign: Drive sales & engage their customers
  • Type of game: Personality test
  • Game description: The experience starts by inquiring participants whether they are purchasing for themselves or someone else (as a gift). Subsequently, participants respond to several questions regarding the personality type and preferences of the gift recipient. Finally, they indicate the occasion (Christmas, Birthday, etc.), their desired product types (beers, merchandise, or both), and their budget. Based on these responses, participants receive two gift suggestions tailored to their answers.
  • Incentive(s) to participate: The primary incentive is the opportunity for participants to gain ideas and inspirations for gifts, regardless of the occasion.
  • CTA: Participants are prompted to take action with a “Buy now” button.
Sirens Craft Beers Gift Finder Playable

Ready to launch an engaging Father’s Day marketing campaign? 

Father’s Day is more than just a day for honoring fathers, or father figures; it’s also a golden opportunity for brands to excel in their marketing efforts, whether that means increasing sales or gaining valuable insights into their customer base.

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