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Mother’s Day marketing: Insights and ideas for 2024

As Mother’s Day marketing 2024 approaches, staying ahead of consumer trends is key. Discover essential insights and strategies to craft impactful campaigns that resonate with your audience.

A well-crafted Mother’s Day marketing campaign can be very successful at boosting some of your marketing KPIs, such as increasing brand awareness, customer acquisition, and even driving loyalty.

Regardless of your marketing goal, ensur that your Mother’s Day campaign is engaging, focuses on what matters to consumers in 2024, and is relevant to your own target audience. 

10 important Mother’s Day marketing stats and facts to know in 2024 before planning your campaigns

10 facts to help you planning campaigns that are really relevant to your audience. 

  1. Mother’s Day is ranked the fourth most popular national and religious event in the UK, ranking even before Easter and New Year’s Eve. (YouGov survey)
  2. The retail spending in 2023 in the UK was projected to be £1.28 billion. (Statista)
  3. Over 60% of UK consumers said they were financially worse off in 2023 compared to before. (GlobalData)
  4. To ensure they purchase worthy gifts for their moms, consumers are buying cheaper items, but more of them. (GlobalData)
  5. 61% of consumers in 2023 opted for discounted or promotional offers when purchasing gifts for Mother’s Day. (Mintel report)
  6. Experience gifts were trending in 2023. (GlobalData)
  7. 57% of consumers agree that gift sets are a good value for money in regards to Mother’s Day gifts. (Mintel report)
  8. Personalized gifts are getting more popular, with 26% of consumers interested in gifts that can be personalized. (Mintel report)
  9. The three most popular Mother’s Day gifts in 2023 were flowers, greeting cards, and special outings. (NRF report)
  10. The most popular destinations to buy Mother’s Day gifts in 2023 were online (34%), department stores (34%), specialty stores (30%), and local/small businesses (24%). (NRF report)

5 Mother’s Day marketing tips to keep in mind in 2024

Based on the previous stats & facts, we wanted to highlight 5 tips you should know before planning your campaign. 

1. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Mother’s Day marketing campaigns are not worth your time!

While the opinion surrounding Mother’s Day is changing, with consumers feeling more and more that Mother’s Day is getting too commercialized, most consumers are still celebrating. Some might celebrate because it’s a “ special occasion”, others because of the “pressure from commercial entities”, but nonetheless, the popularity of Mother’s Day is evident across Europe.

Mother's Day marketing - Statista

2. Consumers are price-sensitive in 2024 – make sure to highlight discounts, deals, and special offers in your Mother’s Day campaigns.

It’s no secret for any marketer in 2024, the previous year has been hard on consumers. You have to make sure that your campaigns highlight the cost value of your offering; special deals, offers, the possibility to win a Mother’s Day gift or discount codes, etc.

3. Your Mother’s Day campaign can help your customers find the perfect gift.

Gift giving can be difficult for lots of people. Think about a Mother’s Day marketing campaign that can help your customers choose the perfect gift within your offering, considering their budget, taste, etc.

Prioritize promoting different types of popular gifts in 2024 such as experiences, sets & bundles, flowers, and more.

4. Know your customer 

Depending on your target audience, your Mother’s Day marketing campaign can take different turns. If you’re targeting Gen Z or millennials, it makes sense to assist your audience in finding the perfect gift for the mothers in their lives. Similarly, if your target demographic is women aged 30 and above, a campaign expressing gratitude towards mothers in general could resonate well.

It’s worth noting that not everyone has a good relationship with their parents or still has them. Therefore, consider being inclusive and celebrating all the mothers around you, not just your own might resonate better. 

5. Gamify your Mother’s Day campaigns

Seasonal marketing campaigns such as Mother’s Day campaigns can only win by being playable. Why?

  • Gamification campaigns allow you to use prizes and instant-win draws such as Mother’s Day gifts, discount codes, and so on, which align with the needs of consumers to save on the cost of Mother’s Day gifts in 2024.
  • 56% of people are more likely to click on a gamified ad

3 Mother’s Day marketing campaign examples with different marketing goals

Let’s take a look at a few campaigns together!

1. Bahne – Collect marketing permissions

Bahne, a fashion, home decor, and furniture retailer from Denmark wanted to help their customers find the perfect Mother’s Day gift – a personalized flower bouquet and vase from Kälher, the well-known Danish ceramics manufacturer.

Campaign highlights:

  • Goal of the campaign: Collect marketing permissions 
  • Type of game: Priority puzzle
  • Game description: A simple priority puzzle where participants would create their perfect personalized gift by choosing their favorite bouquet and their favorite Kähler vase.
  • Incentive(s) to participate: The chance of instantly winning the bouquet and the vase. 
  • CTA: A button to “Find all the vases here”, which would direct participants to an online shopping page where they could buy a vase if they didn’t win.

2. Soya Concept – Collect preference data 

Soya Concept, a fashion retailer for women, took another strategy and tailored their campaign directly towards mothers instead of gift-givers. They also wanted to use the timing opportunity as Mother’s Day is in the spring, which means that women are thinking or doing their summer shopping around that time as well.

Campaign highlights:

  • Goal of the campaign: Collect preference data & drive sales
  • Type of game: Swipe It
  • Game description: The idea was to have a fun interactive experience where women could win a summer look for Mother’s Day. Participants simply had to swipe left or right if they liked the outfit shown in a few different pictures.
  • Incentive(s) to participate: The chance to win a full 5-piece outfit for Mother’s Day
  • CTA: At the end, as a reward for participating, women would also receive a 25% discount code to use in their next purchase. Plus, Soya Concept added a link for participants to visit the “New arrival” section of their website.
Bahne Mother's Day marketing campaign

3. One Stop – Drive sales 

One Stop, a UK retail convenience business with over 1000 stores, wanted to help their customers find the perfect and most affordable Mother’s Day gifts, as well as take the opportunity to gain new marketing permissions using an instant-win wheel of fortune.

Campaign highlights:

  • Goal of the campaign: Collect marketing permissions & drive sales
  • Type of game: A landing page with a wheel of fortune
  • Game description: A Mother’s Day landing page where customers could find a wheel of fortune to win a treat for Mum, as well as Mother’s Day recipes, special discounts, and offers on chocolates and wines.
  • Incentive(s) to participate: The chance to win 1 of 5 Seasonal Premium Flower Bouquets or 1 of 5 Thorntons Classic Collection Box of Chocolates. 
  • CTA: At the end of the landing page, there was a button to find your local One Stop store. 
One Stop Mother's Day marketing campaign Playable

Winning with seasonal marketing using Playable

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