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SPAR UK, the convenience store chain, has cracked the code to customer engagement. Their secret? Interactive and gamified seasonal campaign landing pages, built using the Playable platform.


SPAR UK has been leveraging interactive landing pages infused with gamification to capture new customers, engage their audience, and gain new email sign-ups.

A few times each year, on occasions like Easter and Pancake Day, SPAR UK partners with on-theme suppliers to craft these immersive landing page campaigns. Each page features an engaging game, such as a wheel of fortune or scratchcards, with exciting prizes. Alongside the game, the page offers on-theme recipes, incorporating ingredients from the partnering brand. To further engage customers, exclusive in-store and on-theme deals are presented to encourage in-store footfall. 

This multifaceted approach is designed to not only engage and educate, but also to boost sales for their partners and drive foot traffic to SPAR stores, making it a stellar example of an omnichannel campaign.

The Playable platform is very innovative. There are so many different games, so it really helps create more relevant campaigns that fit with our brand, our partner, and the season.

Amelia Campbell, Digital Marketing Executive at SPAR UK
SPAR UK Summer time with Rubicon campaign

Summer Time with Rubicon 

To celebrate the arrival of Summer, SPAR UK teamed up with Rubicon, a renowned beverage manufacturer specializing in exotic fruit drinks. The mission was clear: captivate their audience and drive footfall during the summer holidays. The campaign landing page featured an interactive slot machine game where participants stood a chance to win exclusive Rubicon merchandise. Complementing the game were enticing recipes of refreshing drinks and mocktails, creatively incorporating Rubicon juices and energy drinks. The collaboration not only stirred excitement around the arrival of summer but also showcased Rubicon’s products in a dynamic light during prime time are consumers were interested in buying refreshing summer drinks.


  • 21% email open rate (The goal was 20%) 
  • 10% engagement rate on paid ads (The goal was 5%)
  • 23K+ unique registrations (The goal was 20K) 
  • 13K+ new email sign ups (The goal was 5K) 
  • 1,5K+ clicks on recipe links
SPAR UK, Summer Time with Rubicon campaign
SPAR UK, Summer Time with Rubicon campaign

Grate the Cheese for Pancake Day

For Pancake Day 2023, SPAR UK opted for a savory twist, partnering with Cathedral City, a well-known cheese brand. The objective was again to elevate online engagement, gather new marketing permissions, and drive footfall while also highlighting Cathedral City’s products. The game “Grate the Cheese” took center stage, featuring scratchcards where participants “grated the cheese” to win daily vouchers. 

Alongside the game were delectable recipes of savory pancakes, ingeniously incorporating Cathedral City’s cheeses. This innovative approach not only attracted online participants to become part of SPAR UK’s newsletter but also enticed them to explore SPAR UK’s stores, boosting foot traffic and hopefully nudging participants into buying Cathedral City products to make pancakes.


  • 22,6% email open rate (The goal was 20%) 
  • 8% engagement rate on paid ads (The goal was 5%)
  • 30,5K+ unique registrations (The goal was 30K) 
  • 9,9K+ new email sign ups (The goal was 5K) 
  • 2,3K+ clicks on recipe links
SPAR UK Pancake day campaign
SPAR UK Pancake day campaign

I have never done anything like this before, and it’s so fun to be more creative in my role. I enjoy building playable campaigns, and it’s not too technical once you get your head wrapped around the platform and where things are. 

Amelia Campbell, Digital Marketing Executive at SPAR UK

The perfect playable marketing recipe for SPAR UK

Through gamification, SPAR UK has discovered a winning formula for success for engaging their online audience. The key ingredients behind this recipe, according to them, include:

1. Strategic partnerships that align seamlessly with seasonal events.
By partnering with products that resonate with the occasion, SPAR UK ensures relevance and success in their campaigns. 

2. Using games, animations, GIFs, and other elements to enhance user engagement

They transformed static landing pages into immersive experiences for their audience, ensuring a captivating interaction.

3. Promote your campaigns across various channels 

Utilizing channels like email and social media, both organically and through paid strategies, SPAR UK ensures maximum reach and exposure for their campaigns.

4. Choose a user-friendly gamification platform such as Playable

With Playable, SPAR UK can independently and seamlessly create engaging landing pages and games, empowering them to execute their campaigns efficiently and effectively. 

Playable makes my life a lot easier. They are very responsive, from our Customer Success Manager to the chat support. If I don’t understand something, they provide me with a guide or ask if they can do it for me, which is great because I am always short on time.

Amelia Campbell, Digital Marketing Executive at SPAR UK