Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is a fundamental goal for marketing teams, aiming to attract new customers and expand their customer base. By employing strategies that attract new customers and convert to purchase, businesses can build valuable relationships that drive continued ROI.

Gamification & customer acquisition

When it comes to customer acquisition, gamification is a proven powerful tool. By incorporating game mechanics into their marketing strategies, businesses can effectively attract and engage potential customers. By participating in playable campaigns, customers not only deepen their interest but also increase their likelihood of making a purchase or becoming loyal advocates. But don’t take our word for it, hear from users of the Playable platform!

How it works

With our gamification platform, you can create engaging playable customer acquisition campaigns with ease, even without prior coding experience. The customer acquisition tool provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to customize your playable campaigns and incorporate branding elements to create memorable playable experiences for your audience.

  • Create your customer acquisition campaigns to fit your brand guidelines
  • Embed your playable campaigns across your different channels and strategies
  • Capture valuable customer data and insights with customizable forms
Example of Customer acquisition campaign: Carlsberg

“We knew that this type of campaign (gamification) was very effective, but our experience was that they were very difficult to execute and manage well. When we discovered the Playable platform, we felt it was a tremendous gift. Managing the backend is easy and intuitive and the technical setup, the functionalities and the flexibility are simply at an impressively high level.”

– Allard de Wijkerslooth, Media & Digital Manager, Carlsberg 

How brands have used Playable gamification software

Awareness | Ooni

Ooni, the popular outdoor pizza oven company, is using Playable software to create gamified campaigns that will generate awareness around their brand and products, as well as driving relevant traffic to their website. The campaign they have launched achieved exceptional results, driving relevant traffic to Ooni’s website and generating a significant number of leads at a lower cost per lead.

Gamification software awareness example by Ooni.
Søstrene grenes calendar

Aquisition | Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene, the renowned Danish retail chain, is using gamification as part of their marketing activities to boost their new customer acquisition strategy. Using gamified campaigns such as advent calendars they have succeeded in generating high-quality leads and acquiring potential customers with great results.

Engagement | SPAR UK

A few times each year, on seasonal occasions like Easter and Pancake Day, SPAR UK partners with on-theme suppliers and uses Playable software to craft immersive landing page campaigns. Each page features an engaging game, such as a wheel of fortune or scratchcards, with exciting prizes. By transforming static landing pages into immersive and playable experiences, SPAR UK succeed in engaging their audience like never before.

Spar gamification software example in tabbed content

Retention | DFS

DFS, the well-known furniture retailer operating in the UK & Republic of Ireland strategically used Playable software to implement personality tests, effectively transforming their online shopping journey into a highly personalized and user-friendly experience. Plus, by seamlessly integrating the response data into their CRM system, DFS enriched their customer profiles significantly, enabling them to understand their customers on a deeper level; from shopping habits to style preferences.

Loyalty | Virgin Red

Through Playable’s software, Virgin Red now offers its members at least five different games per week – a different one every weekday. This means that Virgin Red members get something different every day – from personality quizzes to memory games and drop games and more. All this supports Virgin Red’s goal of increased daily app engagement – an important KPI for the marketing team

Virgin Red game example of loyalty marketing.

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