Success Story


DFS, the well-known furniture retailer operating in the UK & Republic of Ireland, had the goal of reshaping their digital marketing journey for shoppers using gamification, and they partnered with Playable to do it. 

A new era of customer engagement

DFS’s decision to partner with Playable began with a vision to enhance their online shopping experience as part of their ambition to be a leading digital retailer. Recognizing the power of gamification, DFS sought to create meaningful touchpoints along their customers’ digital journey to deepen their marketing brand platform of ‘helping the nation find their thing’ by providing useful and engaging tools for customers when choosing a new sofa or bed. Playable’s versatile platform was well placed to achieve this goal; by integrating engaging games such as personality tests and spot the difference challenges, DFS introduced a new dimension to their marketing approach. These playable campaigns not only serve to attract new prospects but also to enrich DFS’s customer database, providing invaluable insights into consumer preferences and behavior.

“I would definitely recommend Playable to others. It’s not a big investment compared to the amount you get back from it!  We have seen playable campaigns leading to over £2M in revenue over the course of our first year with the platform, looking at orders made by shoppers following their participation in a playable campaign”

Charlotte Coleman, Digital Marketing Executive at DFS. 

Personality tests: A cornerstone in DFS’s marketing toolkit

DFS has experimented with various types of games since their collaboration with Playable began. However, the one that stood out the most and left the DFS team in awe was the implementation of personality tests. Utilizing tests like “What’s Your Thing?” and the “Mattress Picker,” has helped DFS achieve remarkable success in fulfilling diverse marketing objectives by answering key customer insights around feeling overwhelmed when making such a big investment.

Our suite of Playable personality tests have helped to inform & filter choices for customers based on their lifestyles. As an omni-channel retailer, this is something our colleagues can easily do in-store but is harder to replicate online. These quizzes and games provide a unique way for customers to engage with us as a brand online and ultimately help bridge the gap in finding the furniture that’s right for them.

Adam Clarke, Digital Performance Manager at DFS. 

What’s your thing? 

The “What’s your thing” personality test invited users to answer a series of questions about their sofa style preferences, fabric choices, and so on. Based on their responses, the campaign insights enabled DFS to categorize participants into specific style profiles. These profiles then guided users to sofas at DFS that best matched their individual tastes and preferences. Essentially, it helped customers discover their unique style and find sofas tailored to their liking, enhancing their shopping experience.


  • DFS has seen a strong conversion rate of 5.4% for users taking part in the ‘What’s Your Thing?’ quiz. 
  • Over the campaign lifetime, it has helped drive over 190 purchases and contributed 19% of the total revenue generated by our Playable games.

Our “What’s your thing” personality test was our second highest-performing campaign in terms of registrations, revenue, and number of conversions. It also had a really high average order value, importantly driving strong user engagement and high quality purchases. 

Charlotte Coleman, Digital Marketing Executive at DFS. 
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Mattress picker

The Mattress Picker campaign is a user-friendly personality test introduced by DFS, encompassing a set of questions addressing users’ mattress preferences, such as size, comfort level (from soft to extra firm), and specific requirements like cooling features or back support. Based on these responses, shoppers were then provided with personalized recommendations, guiding users to mattresses that suited their needs. This simplified the complex process of choosing a mattress, enabling customers to make informed decisions and find the perfect mattress without the assistance of a salesperson.


  • Running across social, email & display, this campaign has driven strong customer engagement, with over 28k sessions
  • Generating well over £250 revenue per registration within 4 weeks of completing the quiz
  • Over 900 orders placed from shoppers who took part in the personality test. It is our greatest performer to date.

Initially promoted across various channels, such as both paid & organic social media posts,  these personality test campaigns transitioned into always-on experiences on DFS’s website. Even without paid advertising, these playable campaigns continue to facilitate online shopping and generate revenue. The initial resource outlay to these campaigns continued to yield results, providing enduring value to both DFS and their customers.

Using personality tests to facilitate online shopping experiences 

DFS faced a significant online challenge: navigating their extensive product range was perceived as overwhelming by their customers. DFS have the widest range of sofas to offer, so for their customers, filtering selections down & choosing the right one can sometimes be a challenge. Recognizing this and with the intention to truly help people find their thing and give the best customer experience, DFS strategically devised and implemented personality tests, effectively transforming the online shopping journey into a highly personalized and user-friendly experience. Through a series of thoughtful questions, participants were not only engaged but also guided toward products that perfectly resonated with their tastes and preferences.

Using personality tests to enrich customer data profiles 

But for DFS, the value of personality tests extends far beyond being a useful shopping tool. Every participant in the personality tests becomes a potential source of invaluable insight. By seamlessly integrating the response data into their CRM system, DFS enriched their customer profiles significantly. This data-driven approach enabled DFS to understand their customers on a deeper level; from shopping habits to style preferences, these insights are incredibly valuable in developing personalized marketing efforts. As participants engaged in more interactive experiences, DFS’s understanding of their customer base became increasingly sophisticated, allowing for more tailored and effective marketing messages.

Using personality tests to drive sales 

The impact of these personality tests doesn’t end with the games themselves. Participants who engaged with personality tests were automatically added to carefully planned follow-up sequences. Targeted and personalized emails, featuring exclusive deals, curated product recommendations, and new product launches, are sent to these engaged prospects. This nurturing approach led to a significant uplift in sales; by combining the insights gathered from the personality tests with a thoughtful email marketing strategy, DFS effectively transformed potential leads into loyal, satisfied customers.

Moving forward with Playable: A journey of endless possibilities

DFS’s collaboration with Playable not only elevated their digital marketing efforts but also reshaped the way customers engaged with their brand, resulting in increased sales, enriched customer data, and sustained online interactions.

They are eager to see where the road will lead them using playable marketing. The ease of creating diverse games and the positive customer response have encouraged DFS to explore more possibilities to continually enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

“There are so many varied and exciting possibilities using the playable platform, it is so easy to use, the team at playable are super helpful and we love working alongside them. We are just at the start of our journey with Playable and we are very excited about the opportunities it will bring us moving forward. We would highly recommend branching into the world of gamification through the playable platform”

Charlotte Coleman, Digital Marketing Executive at DFS.