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The gamification platform for marketers.

Welcome to playable marketing

By combining the human instinct to play with the fundamentals of gamification, we unlock playable marketing. Using interactivity to engage, it inspires meaningful relationships and delivers exceptional marketing performance.

How it works

Our gamification software allows marketers to create, tailor and deploy marketing gamification campaigns that deliver results at every touchpoint.

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  • Plan and define your gamification campaigns in our intuitive, self-serve platform.
  • Explore 30+ game types and shape in the visual editor for limitless possibilities.
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  • Enjoy the flexibility to bring your brand creative to life or start from pre-made templates.
  • Try advanced features from prize settings to seamless integrations to exceed your campaign requirements.
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  • Embed across key touchpoints of your customer journey; website, landing pages, iframes, or apps.
  • Track and measure campaign success with robust data management and analytics.

Proudly powering 650+ brands globally

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Extraordinary marketing performance

Whatever your marketing challenges are, playable marketing delivers effective performance across a spectrum of marketing objectives:

Build awareness

  • Build brand awareness with memorable campaigns that bring your products to the forefront. 
  • Stand out from your competitors with interactive campaigns and increase time spent with your brand. 
  • Educate your audiences more effectively.


  • Capture marketing permissions and grow your audience with valuable first and zero-party data.
  • Focus on revenue growth from increased purchase intent, basket size and lower acquisition costs.


  • Generate better engagement and quality traffic across the channels that matter. 
  • Improve ROI with a focus on conversions, while lowering ROAS.


  • Foster repeat purchase and cross-selling opportunities to enhance customer lifetime value.
  • Personalised engagement using data-driven insights gained from gamified campaigns.
  • Prevent churn, ensuring lasting customer relationships.



  • Offer exclusive content and rewards to your VIP customers through gamified campaigns in your loyalty channels.
  • Nurture increased usage, repeat traffic & sales.
  • Drive community building and encourage long-term brand advocacy.


Drive real results, quickly


on average is spent on a playable campaign.


average CTR from a playable campaign.


average form completion rate within a game campaign.


people are more likely to click on gamified ad.

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