Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Data capture in marketing

Data capture in marketing is a must-have. See examples of data capture using gamification, and learn how playable marketing can...

Data Enrichment

A Key Difference: How Games Make Consumers More Likely To Share First-Party Data

Leadfamly's CEO explains why data insights sometimes surprise us and what this means for marketers.

Data Enrichment

Gamification and the value exchange: how to make the most of location data

First-party data like location or zip code can be your brand's competitive advantage - here's why.

Data Enrichment

What Is First Party Data?

Why is first party (and zero party) data so important? And how can you collect the data that matters?

Customer Engagement

Why Is Digital Transformation Important?

Consumer engagement continues to become more complex and unreliable. Technologies like automation and gamification can help. Here’s how.

Apple update gamification
Data Enrichment

Is iOS15 Actually An Opportunity For Marketers?

It’s a chance to build up your own trusted database by asking for data directly from your audience.

Data Enrichment

The Importance Of A Solid Email Database

Email marketing has a high ROI, but how can marketers be confident that their database is healthy and up-to-date?

Data Enrichment

The Third-Party Cookie Crumbles

Data collection from internet browsing will soon be changing. Here’s our take.

Data Enrichment

How To Gather And Use The Right Audience Data

Asking for data and then using it effectively comes down to one variable: building trust between your brand and your...

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