Creating Game-Changing Possibilities For Your Brand

(what the YouGov consumer research says)

Increase website traffic. Increase online order value. Reduce time to purchase. Increase sales. 

This is just a short, non-exhaustive list of what marketers face every day. 

What about consumers?

They care about trust, finding brands with purpose, navigating ever changing privacy regulations, and deciding when to share their personal data.

What if we said there’s a way to bridge these two? Game mechanics are the route in — they can break down barriers and help build strong customer loyalty and revenue growth (we’ve seen our clients accomplish this many times). 

These are just a handful of the reasons we worked on this consumer study with YouGov, where we asked questions about:

  • Engagement and how tapping into a basic feature of human nature can be the key that unlocks the opportunity to engage your consumers. 
  • Incentives and how incentivizing the consumer to engage depends on the value you offer them — and we share what works best. 
  • Data and how consumers may gain financial, physical, or emotional rewards by engaging through game mechanics, but for marketers, the data prize is much more valuable. 

We’ve always known that using game mechanics in marketing to create valuable experiences works better than many other tactics. In fact, we take the position that they belong in your strategy planning, not only in your tactical execution.

The use of game mechanics can and should be a part of your marketing strategy. Our clients have done this, and either met or exceeded their goals, including: 

Learn more about the consumer research data presented by YouGov and Leadfamly.

We commissioned a study with YouGov to see exactly how powerful game mechanics in marketing are

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