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How Klekt used gamification to drive repeat purchases

Results from Black Friday campaign

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codes claimed with 16% being
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still engaged almost 12 months later


The European sneaker marketplace, Klekt, wanted to focus on driving repeat purchases. As a part of a relatively young but already multi-million pound industry, where limited edition sneakers and streetwear are sold over retail price, the team were aware that purchasing a pair of sneakers on their website was not an everyday business activity for their customers. Therefore, they wanted to find a way to engage and encourage their customers to make a second purchase. To solve this challenge, Klekt decided to use gamification to give their customers not only a fun shopping experience but also an incentive to return to their website.

Services/Products used

  • Spin The Wheel
  • Advent Calendar

The process

In their quest to encourage their customers to make a second purchase, Klekt decided to do a Black Friday campaign with the purpose of driving repeat purchases within a month. To stand out in the busy pre-Christmas promotional period, Klekt centered their campaign around a Wheel of Fortune – an easy and simple way to activate and engage their audience. 

When a customer had made a purchase from Klekt, they were automatically sent an email with the option to spin the wheel and potentially win a discount code for their next purchase or some Crep Protect goodies. Everyone, who won a prize, received a unique code to be used on the website. This meant that Klekt was able to use gamification and rewards to not only engage their audience but also encourage them to return to their website to make a second purchase. 

To continue the success from Black Friday, Klekt also decided to create a 12-day Advent Calendar with a new daily offering for their customers during Christmas. Playing on the raffle culture in the sneaker world, each calendar door contained a daily question that the customers had to answer correctly in order to enter a draw for different prizes such as credit on the website, mystery sneakers, and exclusive merchandise. Finding a style that fit their brand, Klekt promoted the campaign on their website, social media, and email. It was that simple and the customers loved it! 

The use of the Playable platform allowed Klekt to be creative with their games and how they used them to interact with their audience. They were able to see the behaviors from their industry and create games that felt familiar and on-brand, which led to both of the campaigns being very successful. 

The results

With both of the campaigns, Klekt experienced some great results! For the Black Friday campaign, 1,600 codes were claimed within a month, of which 16% was a second order. As the goal was to drive repeat purchases, this was a great accomplishment. In addition, the average order value also increased by 17%. This was a big takeaway for Klekt because they discovered that with the incentive of a discount code, their customers didn’t mind buying more expensive items. 

During the Christmas Calendar, Klekt got over 11,000 registrations. But what is even more spectacular with this campaign is that 54% of their customers are still engaged almost 12 months later. That’s impressive! 

Klekt’s experience and results show how an effective gamification strategy can be to help drive repeat purchases. By incorporating fun games in their marketing, they managed to increase second order purchases in just a month, and also encourage valuable engagement from their customers after the campaigns ended.

“We have a strong social media following, and we always want to make sure we are able to bring them another touch point of contacting them, and gamification allows us to do that in a unique way.

Chloe Sintim, CRM Manager, Klekt

Key takeaways

  1. Find a style that works for your brand. Klekt uses a similar visual style for the games that work that they create, so that it’s part of a digital universe.

  2. Be creative with how to accomplish KPIs. For Klekt, they use gamification to drive repeat purchases and data capture.

  3. Use tools that complement your strengths. Klekt already has a strong social media following, and gamification provides a unique way to engage and re-engage that audience.