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How Zizzi’s scratchcard led to 77,000 customer sign-ups

“Because of how well they’ve performed, we will now make a lot more game campaigns for this year’s marketing strategy than we originally planned.”

– Katja Franch Vinding, Digital Marketing Coordinator



Registrations from a Scratchcard competition

New Club Members


New Club Zizzi members

Conversion Rate


conversion rate, with 53,908 clicks to the website

The fashion brand, Zizzi, aims to deliver an amazing shopping experience, and to encourage women across Europe to explore and challenge their personal style. Club Zizzi is the brand’s loyalty program; a place where customers can access exclusive offers, new trends and styling tips. In a crowded marketplace, capturing and maintaining shoppers’ attention is an ongoing challenge. Zizzi wanted new ways to entice new customers to the brand, to re-engage dormant followers and to grow customer lifetime value. 

Services used

  • Playable gamification platform
  • Pre-built Scratchcard concept
  • Real-time campaign analytics 

The process

Loyalty programs are a really useful way to turn one-off shoppers into valuable long-term customers. However, with so many retailers asking for sign-ups, consumers can grow weary of the same old offerings. 

Zizzi recognized this, and also realized how gamified campaigns might help differentiate the brand from the crowd. For any retailer seeking to inject an element of creativity into their campaigns, gamified experiences entice customers to interact with the brand in a fun, positive way, rather than just passively consuming a marketing message. 

The company chose to use the Playable platform to create its campaigns. With its 30+ game concepts, pre-built templates and an easy-to-use editor, the platform offered precisely the capabilities Zizzi needed for in-house production and execution. 

The launch of Zizzi’s new swimwear collection was used as a springboard for a Swim Scratchard game. The company wanted to entertain and re-engage existing supporters, as well as to increase new Club Zizzi sign-ups. With this format, participants “scratch” the fields to discover right away if they have won. It’s an enticing offering, it encourages multiple plays, and the Playable platform makes execution and performance-tracking super-easy. 

The campaign ran for a month across all target markets (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Austria and France). Zizzi relied mostly on organic reach: paid Facebook boosting was limited to the company’s two most recent markets, Austria and France.

The results

In the Scratchcard competition, Zizzi linked its call to action button to the Swim collection. In a month, the campaign achieved a conversion rate of 79.44%, with 53,908 clicks through to the website attributed to the CTA button. The campaign generated 415,000 in revenue for Zizzi. 

As well as delivering an immediate, direct boost in sales revenue, the Scratchcard campaign also helped to draw shoppers towards the company’s loyalty program. This campaign alone attracted 77,000 customer email registrations and 7,700 new Club Zizzi memberships. 

Sign-ups are not always easy to get. Consumers are exposed to so many invites from different retailers, and once they’ve taken advantage of the initial 20% sign-up reward, it can be hard to keep customers engaged. Zizzi’s tactics demonstrate that if you invite consumers to participate in something a little different, it can not only attract new shoppers, but also rekindle interest among dormant ones. 

The Zizzi team intends to take full advantage of the Playable platform to add lots more game campaigns to its strategy. Because Playable enables you to keep production in-house, tweaking your campaign schedule is both easy and inexpensive. What was particularly surprising to Zizzi’s Katja Franch Vinding is the fact that “…even after using time in our games, our customers are still willing to go to our website and spend even more time and money”. It goes to show that if consumers have enjoyed interacting with your brand via a game, they tend to be ready and willing to explore what else you have to offer. It’s often the ideal stepping stone to a valuable long-term relationship. 

“We can build campaigns ourselves, and the Playable platform is so easy to use. We are so happy with the success of our campaigns. Because of how well they’ve performed, we will now make a lot more game campaigns for this year’s marketing strategy than we originally planned.”

– Katja Franch Vinding, Digital Marketing Coordinator

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