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In this thrilling roulette game, participants test their luck and prediction skills as they try to guess the exact number the wheel will land on.

Roulette benefits

  • Increased brand loyalty and awareness
  • Boost your permission database
  • Collect zero-party data
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Delight with instant prizes
Roulette game example Playable.

Pick the winning number

The Roulette game is a powerful playable experience to increase engagement, boost newsletter sign-ups, and collect zero-party data through the registration form.

While creating the game in our gamification platform, you have full control over the mechanics of the game. You can customize the number of spins available to your customers, determine the winning probability, and define the number of prizes they can potentially win (even instant wins if you like!). Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose the specific information you want to collect from your customers through the registration page.

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