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Roll The Dice

Gamify your marketing by building your own online Roll The Dice game with Playable. Roll The Dice simulates a well-known game of luck, in which a die is shaken around in a cup before being rolled out on to a table.

Roll The Dice benefits

  • High conversion rate
  • Combine with instant win
  • Positive brand associations
  • Quick and easy to set up

Roll the Dice

Roll The Dice is easy to set up. The game comes with a pre-designed and customizable cup along with a standard six-sided die. All you need to do is define the number of tries and the likelihood of winning. You can also upload your own die graphics, so that instead of rolling a six to win, participants are trying to roll a specific winning image of your choice.

Roll The Dice is a new and fresh game of luck that you can entertain your target audience with. As with all luck games, it produces a high conversion rate for lots of new sign-ups to your email newsletter.

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