Guess The Image

Playable’s Guess The Image game allows you to present your customers with visual content such as new product series, increasing brand awareness, or conveying a particular message.

Guess The Image benefits

  • Activate your customers
  • Long engagement time
  • Promote your products
  • Viral potential
  • Increased brand loyalty and awareness
  • Boost your permission database

Guess the Image

The user has to guess what image is slowly being revealed. The game allows you to test audience knowledge about your products or services within a limited time frame.

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Tokmanni Customer Story with Playable
Tokmanni_mobile_game_CustomerSuccess Copy 4
“There are lots of different possibilities when we use the Playable platform. This is far more cost effective for us, and because of that, we can also run more frequent campaigns that use gamification, both timed ones as well as longer running campaigns. In addition, I’ve built games with Flash Player and then HTML5. The Playable platform is as straightforward as it gets.”
— Hans Björkendahl, Digital Marketing Manager, Tokmanni Read the success story

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