Success story

How Tokmanni gamifies customer acquisition

“There are lots of different possibilities when we use the Playable platform. This is far more cost effective for us.”

— Hans Björkendahl, Digital Marketing Manager, Tokmanni

Tokmanni runs a version of this campaign several times a year, so it’s something that customers can depend on and look forward to.

For this campaign, they used the Slot Machine game concept, which means that winners are selected at random. For Tokmanni, the games that work best for them to gather marketing permissions are the luck-based games. For their next Netto Game, they are evolving the concept and using a Shell Game.  (P.S. – Tokmanni broke their personal records with this most recent game!)

For other campaigns, they’ve also used more effort-based games like the Drop Game, Quiz, and Guess The Picture. What matters is choosing the game concept that will work best for your content and accomplishing the campaign KPIs. 

For Tokmanni, they have seen a steady participation rate on their game campaigns since they started using the Playable platform.

About the campaign

Tokmanni is the largest and only nationwide general discount retailer in Finland. Over the last few years, they have used game campaigns and they are known as a fun and humorous brand.

Tokmanni uses gamification to help with customer acquisition. Prior to using the Playable platform, Tokmanni worked with an agency to create bespoke game campaigns as well as created some simple competitions on Facebook.

They had a few pain points that they wanted to solve: they couldn’t collect marketing permissions on Facebook so they needed to evolve their game campaigns and not host them only on Facebook, and they saw the success of the campaigns created by their agency, but they wanted a tool that was more efficient and agile to execute.

With this 7-day campaign, Tokmanni saw 4,800 unique registrations.

Campaign Period

7 days

Unique Registrations


Why Playable works for Tokmanni

Playable marketing works well for Tokmanni because the tool gives them an affordable and versatile way for them to engage their audience and gather marketing permissions.

“There are lots of different possibilities when we use the Playable platform. This is far more cost effective for us, and because of that, we can also run more frequent campaigns that use gamification, both timed ones as well as longer running campaigns. In addition, I’ve built games with Flash Player and then HTML5. The Playable platform is as straightforward as it gets.”

— Hans Björkendahl, Digital Marketing Manager, Tokmanni

This was a successful campaign that helped Tokmanni with their customer acquisition. It also enabled them to be in control over the campaign and data; they didn’t need to rely on Facebook or work with an external agency. 

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“Game mechanics give us a way to listen to our customers’ preferences and use that information to direct products to the markets that they’ll perform best in. Gamification campaigns have also lowered our CPL and reduced a new customer’s first time to purchase. In addition to all of this, the data we gathered also enabled me to write a brief to our organization about what our audience wants from Masai.”
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