Success Story

Insurance fund Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse used game mechanics to increase member engagement on their Christmas Calendar 6.5x 

Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse was concerned that game elements would detract from their brand. Then they got their highest member engagement ever

When email provider Apsis encouraged unemployment insurance fund Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse to use gamification as an add-on to their marketing activities, the organization had some concerns. Would it undermine the sincerity of their brand? And would their members see the games as a gimmick? 

But the communications team wanted to take their performance to another level, so they decided to give it a try. They developed an existing idea – a daily Christmas Calendar on Facebook – and transformed it into an attractive, interactive game on the Playable platform.

“We were pleasantly surprised that our members reacted so positively to playable elements like our Christmas Calendar. It proved that game mechanics can be implemented in a serious way – one which is connected to our core values, member benefits, and strategic areas.”

– Mie Bertelsen, Communication Consultant at Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse

Revolutionizing the Christmas Calendar for unprecedented company exposure

Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse created the experience of a Christmas Calendar with daily Facebook posts for several years. In 2019 on average, 650 people participated each day. The following year, that number rose to 1,000. In 2021, Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse changed the format to a real Christmas Calendar, built on the Playable platform.

And the results skyrocketed – to an average 6,580 participants per day!

“I almost fell off my chair when I saw the results. The Christmas Calendar performed extremely well, with crazy exposure – 6.5 times more than the year before.”

– Mie Bertelsen, Communication Consultant at Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse

In addition to unprecedented publicity, gamification has helped Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse boost several of their strategic target groups, thanks to streamlined data management on the Playable platform.

“It’s a huge win for us that we can involve our members in a campaign, and the Playable platform sends data back to our email system. It helped us increase our strategic member segments significantly. Unemployment insurance can be seen as uninteresting, but gamification makes it so much more appealing.”

– Mie Bertelsen, Communication Consultant at Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse

Besides reaching far more members, Din Sundhedsfaglige A-Kasse also secured about 16,000 new marketing permissions. The Christmas Calendar was so successful, that they decided to commit to working closely with Playable on future projects, too. 

“The Christmas Calendar gave us so many gains, that it was obvious we should expand gamification to other areas of our business. It was a no-brainer to deepen our cooperation with Playable, as we could easily adapt the Christmas Calendar format to serve other campaigns.”

– Mie Bertelsen, Communication Consultant at Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse

Go-to-market activities

Christmas Calendar

Total Sessions


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Easter Competition (10 days)

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Unique Registrations


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Hesitant about gamification? It’s all about seeing the opportunities

Gamification is just a methodological way of interacting and communicating with your users. A way that can give you huge benefits.”

– Mie Bertelsen, Communication Consultant at Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse

Playable helped Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse understand the potential of game mechanics, by demonstrating how it had worked for other customers. They get support throughout the whole process, through chat support, webinars, Academy and Come & Build events, too.

“Playable has been terrific in showing how different game mechanics can be used in a smart way, and how other companies are using it. It’s nice to get that inspiration. It has given us confidence that there’s an abundance of opportunity.”

– Mie Bertelsen, Communication Consultant at Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse

We asked Mie Bertelsen what she thinks of the cooperation with Playable? 

“I’m very impressed with your engagement with us. It’s not often we meet a partner who is as good at putting themselves in our shoes as you are. You are excellent in guiding us, both in how we achieve our goals with the individual campaigns, and on a more strategic level, like planning always-on campaigns.You respect our situation, listen, and give feedback. It makes us feel safe. I really feel like you genuinely want to help us.”

– Mie Bertelsen, Communication Consultant at Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse

We asked Mie Bertelsen if she would recommend Playable to anyone? 

“Because this is working so well for us, I really don’t want to recommend this to our competitors! Okay to be fair, I believe that all member organizations can benefit from communicating in this way both to gain and maintain members. Because this more playable approach appeals to how we humans work and what we think is cool to interact with.”

– Mie Bertelsen, Communication Consultant at Din Sundhedsfaglige A-kasse
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