3 Smart Easter Games To Engage And Convert Your Audience

With the increasing sunlight and spring just around the corner, It’s almost time to break out the Easter decorations, prepare the Easter baskets, or if you’re in Denmark, the Easter riddles.

Easter’s important for more than just those who observe and celebrate it — almost half of non-celebrators still participate in Easter-related sales, according to the National Retail Federation

In other words, it’s prime time for retailers and a great opportunity for marketers to captivate (and keep) their audience’s attention. 

Gamification campaigns for Easter

With Easter being another busy seasonal campaign period, it’s important for brands to stand out. It’s no secret that consumers are overwhelmed by the bombardment of daily marketing messages, which only increases during seasonal periods. 

So how can brands deliver an exceptional campaign that captures and keeps attention

All marketers know that effective marketing campaigns should engage audiences in new, meaningful ways. By unlocking the power of game mechanics in marketing, brands have the possibility to get creative and deliver refreshing campaigns to consumers. 

gamification scratchcard easter

An Easter-themed scratchcard created in the Leadfamly platform.

A well-designed seasonal campaign using marketing gamification helps brands to stand out from their competitors, as it delivers unique and personalized experiences that engage audiences.

Most important  — the fun and interactive nature of games lets consumers enjoy engaging with brands which makes the experience memorable. Therefore, game mechanics are a great tool for marketers seeking to cut through the marketing clutter and stand out in busy seasons.

gamification easter

A survey used to play on a Danish tradition, gækkebreve, where you send a riddle to a friend to see if they can guess it’s from you.

To be clear: gamification is not only useful for seasonal campaigns. Using your marketing message to encourage consumers to play can be embedded in the everyday marketing strategy and throughout the entire customer journey. As gamification taps into the human instinct to play, it can deliver great results whether your goal is to catch attention and acquire new customers or nurture existing relationships. 

By using game mechanics as a part of the marketing strategy, it can help brands not only to create awareness but also to cut through the noise and be remembered. Eventually, it will help you be heard and engage your customers with something new and memorable, which is valuable for both your brand and customers.

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