Why Incentives Are Important To Customer Engagement

Why incentives are important to customer engagement and can be simpler – and less expensive – than you might think

56% higher CTR with a gamified ad … how does that sound?

Catching customers’ attention and creating demand for a product or service isn’t an easy job for a marketer. Sometimes customers need a little extra push to engage – an incentive of some sort.

They need a reward for sharing their time, and possibly their data, with you.

So what could that be?

In our recent YouGov consumer research, we found that consumers are 56% more likely to click a playable ad. There was something more in the experience for them.

So if a playable ad piques attention, then guess what a full-on game that you’ve created that aligns with your brand does to engage your customer base? Yes – you’ve guessed it, it becomes even more powerful. The incentive to engage comes from the opportunity to play.

And those games don’t have to have prizes. Sometimes the reward of play can be enough.

Think about it. From Wordle to Candy Crush Saga, most of us will admit to whiling away time on such games with no other ‘reward’ beyond the fact that we enjoy them.

And it’s the same with playable marketing… Customers love the opportunity to play and the satisfaction from doing so can be reward enough. For instance, our research found that more than half of respondents said that a prize or voucher was more valuable to them than a coupon that everyone receives. It means that while they valued the prize they also cherished the experience of play too.

And this is the key point.

Of course, extrinsic incentives have their place. Who wouldn’t want to win a shiny new car or enough cash to take that dream holiday?

But guess what, when it comes to engagement our platform data shows that there is a higher conversion for games where there is a higher likelihood of winning but with a lower value prize.

And, most importantly, as we saw at the beginning, the value of intrinsic incentives is, dare I say it, valuable. Our platform data shows that there is a 43% registration rate for games without prizes.

We can see that customers have other motivations for engaging in playable content – such as enjoying themselves or getting more personalized experiences in the future. And it proves that incentives to engage really can be simpler – and cheaper – than you might think.

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