A Key Difference: How Games Make Consumers More Likely To Share First-Party Data

15 years ago, I worked in media and ran a small study to see if the average media consumer acted as they thought they did. I’ve always been a bit geeky around data.

It went like this: the media house asked for subject preferences like fashion, world news, sports, finance, food, etc. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many men ticked interest boxes for finance and sports. 

But what do you think adult men read the most in my data study?


It goes to show that our actions don’t always reflect what we say. What explains this?

We could go into the scientific explanation, but the simple answer is: we’re human. We’re drawn to emotional experiences, whether that’s drama and gossip, or fun and gamification. 

At Leadfamly, we’re in the business of gamification and the value it drives for marketers and their brands. 

Earlier this year we ran a consumer study with YouGov. 36% of consumers said they’d be willing to share their zip code with a brand. 

I thought to myself, hmm, that seems low. And my gut feeling was right.

We looked into our platform data — and analyzed 3.2 million game plays — and found a significantly higher number. 

What’s the differentiating factor? Gamification. Play is in our nature — it’s something we’ll always take the time for. So when we asked the audience, they answered based on their expected behavior, but here they didn’t have that game experience. Our data shows the power of gamification: when our clients’ audiences actually play the game, the value exchange was supercharged to a whopping 55% sharing their zip code. 

And for marketers? Well, the possibilities are endless. Games in marketing create opportunities to gather zero- and first-party data, and help you connect at a deeper level with your audience. 

Because at the end of the day, that’s what your audience is looking for: meaningful experiences. We can help you create these whenever and wherever in the customer journey. Are you ready for extraordinary results? 

Want to learn more about how your consumers want to be engaged, when they’re willing to share data, and how to incentivize that engagement?

Check out the full YouGov report.