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Transforming sports events into marketing gold with gamification

Harness the opportunity of the upcoming Summer Olympics, UEFA Euro 2024, Tour de France, IIHF World Championship, Wimbledon, F1 Grand Prix  – to name just a few! 

Discover how non-sports brands can leverage these major sports events for marketing success, with gamification.

Join us for an insightful webinar where we will show you how you can give your marketing goals a boost!

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  • What are the major sport events in 2024?: Yes, you’re probably aware of the Summer Olympics, but what about the other events relevant for your audiences and brand?
  • Dive into successful sport campaign examples: How multiple brands have used gamification to build highly effective campaigns around sporting events.
  • Expert tips & tricks: Learn from our industry experts who will share their insider knowledge and proven strategies for crafting compelling sports campaigns.