On-demand webinar

Brand & product awareness using gamification! 

Struggling with your brand to stand out in a crowded digital landscape? Finding it challenging to generate awareness for your new product or service? 
Difficulty capturing attention online, and sustain engagement?

Discover how marketing gamification strategies can elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Watch this on-demand webinar where we show you how gamification can be used for brand and product awareness.

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  • Brand awareness: Strategies to drive brand recognition, website traffic, social media impressions, and more, as well as some great examples of how gamification is used in practice for brand awareness.
  • Product awareness: Diving more specifically on how you can generate product awareness using gamification, with examples from various industries. 
  • Tracking & evaluating: Learn how you can measure the effectiveness of your playable campaigns when it comes to brand and product awareness.