Version 1.0: 15.05.2023

Service Level Agreement

This Annex describes the Service Level requirements for the Playable Platform. The Service Levels and corresponding values/thresholds may be changed subject to mutual agreement.

Scope of the Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (referred to as “the SLA”) sets forth the terms and conditions under which Playable shall perform certain maintenance and support services on the Playable Platform as specified in the License Agreement.

Playable will provide the following maintenance and support services to the Customer:

1. The Playable Platform
2. Support
3. Customer Success
4. Error report handling
5. Establishing Work Around Solutions
6. Permanent Error corrections through Software Updates

1.  The Playable Platform

The Playable Platform is the subscription-based SaaS platform provided via license by Playable to the Customer, which are specified in the License Agreement between the parties.

The Playable Platform allows Customers to build campaigns using gamification. Gamification is defined as adding elements of game play (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, and it’s generally used as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service or to create awareness of a certain topic.

The Playable Platform provides more than 25 different game concepts. The games are built and customized in the Playable Platform by the Customer, but additional assistance from Playable can be purchased.

Data protection

It is possible to collect data from the person engaging with the campaigns built in the Playable Platform. It is the Customer that decides which data to collect via the Playable Platform, but it is usually data such as name and email address of the participant of the campaign game.

Playable has a high standard in regard to data security and the company is ISO27001 certified.

Playable uses Amazon Web Services in Ireland for hosting and data is not transferred outside of the EU.

Data usage

The Playable Platform is offered with access to an unlimited number of campaigns and registrations under a Fair Use understanding, which means data traffic volume incurred as measured by Traffic per giga byte within a reasonable range for the average consumption by comparable customers who enjoy the same license level.

Integration and data transfer

Playable supports a large variety of integrations including Hubspot, Salesforce, as well as integrations for

statistical, storage and other purposes. The integration is usually made with the Customers own API or via WebHook.

2. Support

The Playable Chat Support is a service that can assist Platform users while building their campaigns. The support staff are experts in the Playable Platform and provide both knowledge and guidance. The Playable Chat support will guide the Customer to be able to technically navigate in the Platform.

The support staff can assist with:

  • Directions on where to find the right source of knowledge, e.g. in the Help Center.
  • Acute technical assistance with live campaigns
  • Understanding the 25+ game concepts and how to build them
  • Configuration of advanced settings
  • Prize settings and prize logic
  • Registration data
  • Game flow and statistics
  • Functionality of the frontend campaign builder
  • Setting up and troubleshooting integrations
  • Troubleshooting issues reported by participants


The chat is available as a pop-up window in

  • the Platform (
  • the website ( – no login required

Opening hours are weekdays from 08:00 to 21:00 (CET).

Support staff can assist in English and Danish and are based out of the Playable headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark as well as in London, UK.

Help Center:

The Help Center is a centralized hub of information and resources designed to assist customers with navigating the Playable Platform. The Help Center is available on and does not require login.

The Help Center provide a range of self-service options, including frequently asked questions (FAQs), step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and articles that cover a wide range of topics related to the Playable Platform such as design and layout, prizes, account settings, gamification strategy and several other areas.

3. Customer Success

The Playable Platform license may include access to Customer Success Manager depending on license level.

The Customer Success Manager offers strategic sparring, business performance reviews, inspiration and guidance in order to help the Customer activate the best outcome of the Playable Platform. The access to Customer Success Manager and number of yearly business performance reviews will be dependent on the license level.

The Customer Success Manager will also be the point of contact in regard to questions on the License Agreement.

4. Error report handling

The Customer shall report Errors to Playable via the Chat Support. The Error report shall include information available to the Customer that is relevant for establishment of a Work Around Solution and Permanent Fix in connection with the Error. After receiving each Error report from the Customer, Playable will respond with a written confirmation of the Error report within the timeframe mentioned in section 6 below. Such confirmation shall include an estimate on (i) the time before a Work Around Solution can be established and (ii) the time before a Permanent fix can be established.

For the purpose of this Agreement error (“Error”) shall mean any inconsistency between the Playable Platform and any applicable specification described in the service specification, webpage or any applicable technical standard.

5.  Permanent Error corrections through Software Updates

Playable will prepare a Software Patch or Software Update to rectify such Errors permanently (“Permanent fix”) based on an error report from the Customer.

6.  Error response and correction times

Classification of an ErrorResponse TimeWork solution AroundPermanent Fix
CriticalMax. 30 Minutes.Max. 24 hours.Max. 30 days
MajorMax. 4 hours.Max. 48 hoursMax. 60 days unless otherwise agreed.
MinorMax. 4 hours.Max. 30 days.Next S/W Release or 180 days unless otherwise agreed.

Error correction includes a description of the Error, a procedure for eliminating the Error and a detailed description of tests to show the elimination of the Error.