Marketing games

Marketing games are interactive and playable experiences delivered through gamification. They’re designed to promote a product, service, or brand while entertaining and engaging the audience. These games can take various forms such as quizzes, puzzles, wheel-of-fortune, and contests.

Why use marketing games?

Welcome to the world of marketing games! Marketing campaigns delivered through gamification – the perfect way to engage your audience, drive conversions, collect valuable data, and retain customers. With branded games, you can make your brand stand out and provide unique and interactive content experiences for your customers. But don’t take our word for it, hear from users of the Playable platform!


Why use marketing games? Engage your audience

“In just a few months of using Playable’s platform, our engagement metrics have multiplied 4x compared to similar campaigns that don’t employ gamification.”

Tony Fredriksson 
Content Manager + Web Editor, Arla Sweden


Why use marketing games? Boost conversions

“The average order value, we are talking about real money that our marketing team has made with Playable is nearly 10% higher than the site average.”

Veera Korvenkari 
Digital strategist at Sokos


Why use marketing games? Retain your customers

“Game mechanics give us a way to listen to our customers’ preferences and use that information to direct products to the markets that they’ll perform best in.”

Maria Stigsnæs-Eriksen
Head of E-Commerce Sales & Campaigns at Masai

Collect data

Why use marketing games? Collect valuable data

“Data collected over time using gamification has now provided us with an extended knowledge of our customers and potential customers, so we can deliver personalized experiences.”

Rebecca Mester Vestergaard
Digital Marketing Specialist at Kop & Kande

How it works

With our gamification platform, you can create engaging marketing games with ease, even without prior coding experience. The platform provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to customize games and incorporate branding elements to create memorable playable experiences for your audience.

  • Design the marketing games to fit your brand guidelines
  • Embed your branded games across your different channels and strategies
  • Capture valuable customer data and insights with customizable forms
Example of Marketing games: Carlsberg

“We knew that this type of campaign (gamification) was very effective, but our experience was that they were very difficult to execute and manage well. When we discovered the Playable platform, we felt it was a tremendous gift. Managing the backend is easy and intuitive and the technical setup, the functionalities and the flexibility are simply at an impressively high level.”

– Allard de Wijkerslooth, Media & Digital Manager, Carlsberg 

The facts speak for themselves!

Playable experiences with marketing games are so powerful; increase customer engagement, time spent, sign-ups, relevant data acquisition, and revenue.


more engagement time with gamification

67 sec.

average time spent with brand


customer satisfaction

15 sec.

avr. response time from our support team

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