Slice it game concept icon.

Slice it

Make your marketing playable with an exciting game of skill! Slice It is a skill game where participants need to slice objects as they are thrown up on the screen, while avoiding obstacles.

Slice it benefits

  • Drive your zero-party data acquisition
  • Promote and showcase your product or service offering
  • Great way to add a highly shareable and competitive edge to your campaign
  • Quick and easy to set up

Slice it!

With Slice It, you will drive a lot of fun and engagement through the competitive nature of this skill game. It’s a great way to showcase your product or service offering with the specific items falling – and benefit from your audience sharing on their social channels and driving new customer acquisition.

The set-up is user friendly. With very little effort, you can make an attractive and easy-to-use game that fits your business’s design.

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