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Tryg’s dental health quiz

“That’s how Playable creates an opportunity for us to get a different angle on insurance, by educating people in a more engaging and fun way.”

– Josefine Falch, CRM Manager, Tryg

In 2019, Tryg recognized that they needed a new way to gather leads for their outbound team. This was due to reasons like the implementation of GDPR back in 2018 and traditional lead sourcing becoming less effective.

For companies in traditional industries like insurance, they still rely on more traditional marketing like making phone calls to potential consumers. Take Tryg, for example. The CRM (customer relationship management) team is responsible for supplying warm leads to the Outbound team. So, Tryg began looking for a tool that would help them interact with their audience and potential customers in a meaningful way while gathering high-quality leads.

Last summer, Tryg created a quiz about dental health. The Quiz was intended to be a way to simultaneously generate leads and also raise awareness of their dental insurance offering. It consisted of five questions about topics like if white wine stained teeth the same way red wine did, and whether soda water is as abrasive as soda. Tryg also offered a cool prize: the chance to win an electric toothbrush.

Tryg is the largest insurance company in Denmark and one of the largest in all of the Nordic countries. Today they insure more than four million people, both through private and business insurance.

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Why Playable works for Tryg

Given that Tryg is an insurance company, they needed to walk a fine line between being helpful & informative while also adding a touch of playfulness. Gamification provided the right balance for them: the Playable platform opened up an opportunity to educate people about insurance in an engaging and fun way.

The Dental Health Quiz was a success! The success metrics for this quiz were leads. While the conversion rate was 29%, this equaled a successful campaign for Tryg. It goes to show that the numbers are often subjective. This quiz resulted in 595 leads for the Outbound team, but before they were passed on, each of these leads had already consented to being called by Tryg’s Outbound team. 

“It’s really important for us to have the right balance between being fun and being serious. Because we are a serious brand in a traditional industry, we have to think about how what we are doing comes across. People rely on us; they trust us. That’s how Playable creates an opportunity for us to get a different angle on insurance, by educating people in a more engaging and fun way.”

– Josefine Falch, CRM Manager, Tryg


1. “Why not DIY?”

Tryg built their own in-house capabilities for building gamification campaigns. They chose to not use an agency because it gave the CRM team more control and ownership, and the ability to adjust campaigns based on initial feedback. For example, the Dental Health Quiz was originally made up of eight questions, but the team determined the quiz was too long when they saw a consistent drop off after the first handful of questions. So they used that information to change the Quiz so that it was only five questions, and it started converting better.

2.  Qualify your leads

Tell participants what they can expect. Experiment with different lengths of your registration form to see what works best for your business. Tryg found that for this campaign, players were willing to fill out the different form fields like asking for phone numbers, address, etc. This helped to qualify the leads even more! 

3. Choose the game type that works best for your company

When they first introduced gamification campaigns, Tryg tested a lot. They found that high-conversion games like Wheel Of Fortune or a Scratchcard didn’t deliver the leads they were looking for. Nowadays, they focus more on content-engager games Quizzes and Personality Tests. Sometimes success takes a different form, and the most important KPI is not always a high conversion rate. Lesson learned!

Würth Customer Story with Playable
“In marketing, we all know you need to have something to get people’s attention and to get people to interact with your brand and products. So gamification is part of the machine that marketers can build, along with using email marketing, social media, and retargeting that your audience experiences as the brand’s universe.”
— Martin Schmidtmann Holden, Digital Marketing Specialist, Würth Danmark Read the success story