Success story

Natusan’s cat litter waste calculator

“Playable allows us to provide value to our audience through our Waste Calculator. The Waste Calculator has shown us that the majority of pet parents are totally unaware of the impact of cat litter on the environment.”

— Rachel Andre, CEO, Natusan

Each year in the United Kingdom, an estimated two million tons of cat litter goes to landfill — this equals approximately 2% of domestic waste. There is a lack of awareness in the UK that cat litter has a serious impact on the environment. The UK-based brand Natusan wanted to let people know they could reduce the waste caused by cat litter. 

Natusan created a cat litter that is 100% natural and biodegradable to address this waste issue. It’s also designed to last longer so cat parents only need 50% of the normal amount of litter. In addition, Natusan will also compost the waste for London residents. 

Consumers are loyal to certain brands, and cat litter is one of them. It’s a very hard sell because cat litter isn’t likely to be switched since cats can be fussy and dislike certain types of cat litter.

About the campaign

Given this, Natusan decided to create a game campaign that helped cat parents become aware of how much they were contributing to domestic waste. They made a waste calculator where pet parents can quickly see the negative environmental impact they have using a non-biodegradable litter. In exchange for using the calculator, Natusan provided pet parents with a sample of their cat litter for free so that pet parents could test it out. All consumers had to do was pay for the shipping. This was a way to invite customers to try a new brand. 

As of now, the campaign is still live and Natusan is monitoring the results. Because it’s been running for weeks, we call this an ‘always-on’ campaign because there is no expiration date yet. Natusan specifically looks at CPA (cost per acquisition), purchase rate (make the switch to Natusan litter), and balance supply to maximize the benefit of their marketing campaign. 

Why Playable works for Natusan

The Playable platform works for Natusan because it allows them to make a connection with their audience in a fun and inviting way. Natusan has an educational message behind the product, but that requires a conversation with the audience that their consumption is harming the environment. Rather, Natusan has created a fun experience for their customers while providing information on the problem that they can easily digest. 

“Playable allows us to provide value to our audience through our Waste Calculator. The Waste Calculator has shown us that the majority of pet parents are totally unaware of the impact of cat litter on the environment. As we are an optimistic and inclusive brand, we want to educate in a non-judgemental way and reward pet parents for making a change that will benefit them, their pets, and the planet.”

— Rachel Andre, CEO, Natusan

Gamification enables Natusan to market a product with an educational message behind it, to communicate product quality and sustainability, as well as convenience for pet parents. 

The results

The Waste Calculator campaign has proved to be a great way to educate consumers on their waste contributions in a non-judgemental way while persuading pet parents to make a switch to something better for the environment. 26% of the game registrants signed up for the free trial.

Average Time Spent


Minute spent per game play



Tried the free trial after participating


1. Strike a balance between educational messaging and a playful tone.

This always makes us very happy to see at Playable. Companies with educational messaging can use gamification to simplify their marketing strategy, and the Playable platform is a great way to create that connection between fun and business.

2. Consider the switch to an ‘always-on’ campaign.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. When you’ve already made something that works, use it! We often see that our customers create a time-bound campaign, but then it is successful enough that they extend the timeline. When you’ve made something that works well, use it! Don’t limit the life of a campaign that is bringing you value.

3. Reimagine the game types.

Making a personality test work as a calculator? It’s possible! Don’t feel constrained by the defined game types because there are endless possibilities within the defined structure. A calculator engages the audience in an active way, which makes a conversion more likely since there has already been an investment of time. 

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