Success Story

Gamification builds a triangle win for Kop & Kande

With almost 400,000 sessions and 300,000 unique registrations

“Physical stores can provide great experiences for our customers – gamification gives us the option of continuing that relationship online and getting to know them even better.”

– Lars Birklykke, Marketing consultant, Kop & Kande

Kop & Kande is one of the largest retail chains specializing in glassware, crockery, and gifts. In addition to a strong digital presence, Kop & Kande has more than 100 stores all over Denmark as well as in Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

The triangle: the brand, the partner and the customers

Kop & Kande are no strangers to gamification, having worked with Playable on previous campaigns. For this campaign, they teamed up with Stelton, a Danish tableware designer. Together, they developed a digital ‘Christmas Calendar’ game on Playable’s gamification platform. 

The main goal of the campaign was to increase the visibility of Stelton’s products online and in Kop & Kande’s physical stores. Additionally, the team wanted to generate increased and positive attention for both the Stelton and the Kop & Kande brands among customers, ensure footfall in the physical stores and collect email permissions to extend the existing target group. Gamification was the engine needed to reach these goals.

“We wanted to enrich our customer database and create a nice experience for customers online, as well as in the store doing their Christmas shopping.” 

– Rebecca Mester Vestergaard, Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist, Kop & Kande 

Kop & Kande’s Christmas Calendar campaign

The Christmas Calendar was a try-your-luck game, where players had the chance to win one of 2,400 prizes donated by Stelton. It ran for the first 24 days of December, alongside Kop & Kande’s annual scratch card calendar and other always-on campaigns. Players signed up to receive a daily email, inviting them to open that day’s calendar door and see if they had won a prize, which they could collect from their local store.

The value of omnichannel for a multifaceted business 

Kop & Kande’s customers engage with them in lots of different ways, both online and in person, so an omnichannel approach made sense. Banners, streamers and SMS codes in-store advertised the online Christmas Calendar, which in turn sent winning customers back to their local store and directed visitors to Stelton’s brand page at 

By connecting these different platforms and customer touch points, the campaign made it possible to gather vital information and optimize the customer experience. The 24/7 online channels could compensate for natural fallow periods in others – like closing time in the stores, for example.

Why Playable works for Kop & Kande

“Everything was built on Playable’s platform and prize management was handled in the system – just as all communication was automized and had a local touch.”

– Lars Birklykke, Marketing consultant, Kop & Kande 

Kop & Kande’s Christmas Calendar campaign needed to work for the physical stores without causing extra hassle for them during the Christmas rush. Playable’s plug’n play solution made everything simple. It handled the prizes, and generated an automated email to the winning customer (with a copy to the store, so they could identify the winner easily). It also integrated seamlessly with their external omnichannel marketing automation platform, Agillic, which manages customer permissions. This meant that all the stores had to do was display the daily prize, hand it to the winner and support the campaign on their local social media platforms. 

The team were also able to put certain limitations in place, so that players who signed up in a specific geographical area could only win a prize from that store. This way, the campaign could generate traffic to Kop & Kande’s local stores.

“Playable is a strategic partner, not just an IT supplier – of course you can get access to games from other providers, but what I value is the collaboration and partnership with Playable. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Playable is the right partner for Kop & Kande.”

– Rebecca Mester Vestergaard, Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist, Kop & Kande 

Services used

  • Bulk Prizes 
  • Particle generator
  • Agillic (partner) 
  • Google sheet 
  • Calendar features

What the results show: through-the-roof conversion and customer engagement

“Expectations for this campaign were high – luckily so were the results! We were concerned the Christmas Calendar might cannibalize the existing scratch card calendar, but it performed as brilliantly as usual, and the new campaign also performed exceptionally well, so now it was doubled up!”

– Lars Birklykke, Marketing consultant, Kop & Kande 

Total Sessions


Unique registrations


Increase in brand page visits


Conversion rate


New email subscribers


Revenue increase on winners


Click-to-open rate


The data showed the campaign was a big hit with the target audience, with a staggering three quarters of players completing the sign-up process. Customers loved the calendar so much, they couldn’t wait to play again – even reaching out to chase up the daily email if it arrived later than usual. Its popularity is reflected in the click-to-open rate – a whopping 92.43%. In comparison, estimated the average click-to-open rate in 2021 for the Retail sector was just 5.8%. This means the calendar performed more than 16 times better than the benchmark. 

The campaign’s data points also provided a landscape for mapping out interaction from customers and engagement from individual stores – all useful information to inform next steps and future campaigns. Crucially, the Christmas Calendar didn’t pull focus from Kop & Kande’s other Christmas campaigns. It actually boosted their performance, too.

“Data is important for us and Playable games give us the opportunity to collect that data in a fun and engaging way – for new customers as well as specific campaigns towards our customer loyalty club members.” 

– Lars Birklykke, Marketing consultant, Kop & Kande 

A great win

The Christmas Calendar was a great win for both the brand and their partner. Digitalizing gave Kop & Kande the opportunity to collect data points and target more people than they ever had before. Stelton found the calendar an elegant solution to ensure in-store space and at the same time gain online visibility during a busy Christmas period. The stores benefited from increased interest from local shoppers.

Next steps for Kop & Kande

The success of Kop & Kande’s brand campaign supports their mindset of retail-as-a-media. For Kop & Kande, it’s a means of offering visibility for their suppliers, and for their suppliers, it’s a fantastic media platform to showcase their products. The bolstering effect of the Christmas Calendar on existing campaigns means Kop & Kande can confidently run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

“Our data insights have given us the opportunity to be more behavioral in our communications. Data collected over time using gamification has now provided us with an extended knowledge of our customers and potential customers, so we can deliver personalized experiences.”

– Rebecca Mester Vestergaard, Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist, Kop & Kande
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