Success story

Jyske Bank’s fun games for kids

“We use the Playable platform for a variety of our marketing and internal initiatives.”

– Jens Bregendorf, Digital Marketing & SEO, Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank wanted to find a creative solution for how to make sure that families have a positive experience when they visit a bank branch. So they decided to create kid games that could be used as an ‘extra tool’ in creating a better meeting with parents.

Jyske Bank is the third largest bank in Denmark with branches across all of Denmark. They provide both personal banking as well as business banking to their customers.

The kids game campaigns are always-on and have been running for the last year. The four games — a Puzzle, Spot The Difference, the Drop Game, and the Matching Game — are available on the main website for Jyske Bank. The games are actually available for anyone to play, at a Jyske Bank branch or even at home. 

Jyske Bank also plans to set up QR-codes in each meeting room, so that the games can be even more easily accessed. 

Lastly, the four games are quite challenging, which is great. We often expect kids games to be simple, but these take time and attention.

Why Playable works for Jyske Bank

The Playable platform enables Jyske Bank to use game mechanics to activate and engage their audience, prospects, and even their employees. Jyske Bank also uses the landing page builder and pop-up builder that are part of the Playable platform. This helps them to add value or share knowledge with their customers, users, and/or employees.  

“We use the Playable platform for a variety of our marketing and internal initiatives. In addition to gamification campaigns for customers, we also use the platform to create games for kids to play while their parents are meeting with their bank representative.

The platform also allows us to create landing pages for specific campaigns. We have also created campaigns for our own employees. Playable works for us because it is a versatile tool and allows us to build campaigns as we need them.”

– Jens Bregendorf, Digital Marketing & SEO, Jyske Bank


1. Gamification can be about more than hard KPIs

While it’s important to have an end-goal for campaigns, sometimes there is a campaign that is more about engagement and loyalty. 

2. A challenging game can ignite competition

Don’t be afraid to make your game campaigns challenging. If they are too easy, then it may not ‘ignite’ the brain chemicals and other emotions we associate with gamification, play, and competition. 

3. Make the tool work for the company

Jyske Bank now creates gamification campaigns for their customers and their employees. Don’t underestimate the versatility and value of the tools that you have. Be creative and experiment to see what works.

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