Success Story

How Danske Bank got an all-time high CTR of 38.5% by using a quiz

Danske Bank was worried that gamification wasn’t a fit for their sector. Then they got the highest conversion rate ever in the bank’s history.

Let’s be honest, banking is rarely seen as sexy. Like pension and insurance, you rarely feel a natural urge to explore your options unless you have to. With this in mind, we did not expect a conversion rate of such a high number when it came to clicking further through to external pages after already having spent a few minutes on this gamification quiz. A CTR of 38.5% is an amazing result.”

– Peder Thomsen, Marketing Consultant at Danske Bank



2.5x above target


Used the guide (in 1 month)

Danske Bank

Danske Bank A/S is a Danish bank with Nordic roots. It is the largest bank in Denmark and a major player in the Nordics with over 5 million retail and business customers.

The challenge

Danske Bank faced the same challenge as many other companies operating within banking, financing, insurance, pension etc: How could they get their audience engaged in a low-interest topic with high complexity?

Danske Bank wanted to inform and guide homeowners about the opportunity to apply for a public subsidy available for those who wanted to carry out certain types of energy improvements. A topic that for some is tedious to learn about, and for others difficult to comprehend. Therefore, they asked themselves:

“How can we turn a classic read-only content piece into an engaging customer flow, which would result in people spending more time with our brand and more easily getting to know if they were eligible to apply for subsidy?”

– Peder Thomsen, Marketing Consultant at Danske Bank

Danske Bank already had a good marketing mix, but Peder Thomsen wanted to try something totally different. Peder was very fond of the gamification idea and thought that it could boost engagement. But first he needed buy-in from the organisation.

Worried that gamification was a misfit for the brand

Given their corporate visual identity, tone of voice, and how Danske Bank usually communicates it was a worry if gamification could be used in a professional way to communicate a serious and complex topic without being off-brand. Therefore, it was a very groundbreaking thing to try this format.

But after having seen some good cases from other companies, Peder Thomsen got approval from top management.

Danske Bank chose an interactive guide in a quiz format, as the centerpiece of this go-to-market campaign. A format that would fit their brand.

Go-to-market activities:

  • Interactive guide in a quiz format
  • E-mail & Danske Guide (messaging in e-banking)
  • Display ads
  • Print and digital newspaper

Danske Bank did most things in-house and used Playable’s Customer Success team to get the flows right. It did take more time to do the campaign than doing an ordinary article or planning a static ad, but in the end, it was time well spent:

“Our time has been rewarded ten-fold in terms of the results we’ve been getting.”

– Peder Thomsen, Marketing Consultant at Danske Bank

The Results

The primary objective was to support the ambition of supporting customers who wanted to have a “greener” household while also having people spend more time with the brand and show some of the offerings the bank had that could support this.

“When we have a minute or 2 of dwell time on some of the gamification that we are using, it is a huge win!“

The aim was to get 10,000 people to take the quiz within a month.

Danske Bank exceeded the expected result, and ended up having 25,576 using the quiz within that month. They also reached an all time high click-through-rate.

“When you talk about digital marketing, the conversion rate typically rests around 2-3% for really good ads, but we ended up seeing a conversion rate of 38.5%. And that was the conversion rate at the end of the guide, people who had gone through the entire flow, ending up on the results page and from there clicking to the external pages. 38.5% is an amazing result. It’s above and beyond realistic expectations for a campaign like this, and for any campaign really.”

– Peder Thomsen, Marketing Consultant at Danske Bank

Final remarks

Danske Bank has learned that gamification can be used in a clever, engaging way that is still a very professional and sound way of communication.

“It’s been disproven that gamification isn’t something that we should touch at all. We can see that it’s something that our audience actually finds interesting, and it keeps them engaged for quite a long time. And also makes them click and convert.”

– Peder Thomsen, Marketing Consultant at Danske Bank
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