Success story

Arla Sweden’s sustainability and dairy quiz

“…our engagement metrics have multiplied 4x compared to similar campaigns that don’t employ gamification. To us, this means we are definitely on the right track.”

– Tony Fredriksson, Content Manager + Web Editor, Arla Sweden

Arla Sweden had the desire to share an important message about its commitment to sustainability as a dairy company. They wanted to convey their sustainability message by encouraging their consumers to engage with an interactive and fun solution that drives strong involvement. Arla Sweden is part of the global dairy cooperative Arla that operates in multiple countries across the world.

The challenge was to find a way to captivate their target audience to keep them engaged while also triggering interest for what Arla stands for with sustainability. Arla found an innovative solution by creating a Level Quiz. This is a game concept where you can challenge your audience to compete and be rewarded while also triggering deep engagement.

About the campaign

Arla created a Level Quiz that included 30 questions. The second a player answers one question wrong, the quiz is over but the player can play again. This is what defines a Level Quiz, which ends the game when a player answers incorrectly and prompts a ‘Try Again’ option that players will be highly motivated to try. It’s common for players to make multiple attempts and spend a great deal of time trying to complete the game when it’s challenging, and they get the prompt to try again.

The success of Arla’s quiz was measured by using reach and time spent with the brand concept. Specifically, the team’s goal was to ensure participants stayed on the website for two minutes or more. Making the quiz 30 questions long meant that the game was difficult to complete, and it nudged participants to spend time on the site in order to win. Arla also decided to offer participants a symbolic reward for winning.

This is an always-on campaign, which means the campaign has been running since March 2020. This is a fun way for Arla to share their ongoing commitment to sustainability while also encouraging their audience to spend time with the brand.

Average Time Spent


Is the average time spent with the game



Visits to the campaign

Played Through


Played the game till the end while 7,500 started the game

First Question Answered


# of times the first question has been answered

The data shows that people wanted to replay the game and get through all 30 questions. The first question has been answered 48,000 times by the 7,500 game players. For those 7,500 that started the game, 2,800 played to the end. This means that players tried multiple times!

The average time spent per visit was 03:07 minutes, which was a major KPI for Arla. They also found that 95% played from mobile, which shows the Swipe Game format for the quiz was an appropriate concept given that it functions better on a mobile touch screen.

Why Playable Works For Arla Sweden

Playable enables Arla’s digital team to format the right game dynamics to fit their end-goals. For this Climate and Sustainability Quiz, they wanted a game concept that would help them create a visual and intuitive experience that catches attention and convey messages. They were able to configure it to be a Swipe Game and a Level Quiz, which makes the perfect combination to achieve a high retention rate.

“In just a few months of using Playable’s platform, our engagement metrics have multiplied 4x compared to similar campaigns that don’t employ gamification. To us, this means we are definitely on the right track. But perhaps the most impressive thing is how fast our in-house creative team has dreamt up so many different possibilities in the platform. In such a short amount of time, the platform has become a go-to for us. We are looking forward to a future that holds even more gamified campaigns and even greater numbers!”

– Tony Fredriksson, Content Manager + Web Editor, Arla Sweden


1. Consider the game concepts that your target demographic will respond to most.

Using the Swipe Game can be a great way to stay relevant when targeting a younger demographic, and 40% of players were Millennials or younger. It works very intuitively on mobile devices and in this case, 97% of participants played from a phone. So, if you are trying to target Boomers or Generation X, we recommend you consider which game concept that they are likely to respond to.

2. If you’re considering a hard 7+ question quiz, why not make it a Level Quiz?

Our inherent human desire to be challenged, compete, and be rewarded will trigger participants to try multiple times and engage even deeper with your brand.

3. Always-on campaigns – Make campaigns that stick. 

One advantage to these is you don’t have to change them! Once you’ve created a successful campaign there’s no reason to limit its life. It can live on generating engagement or leads if that’s what you’re looking for.

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