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Leadfamly is now Playable

We know marketing needs to mean more to matter more. We have looked hard at how we build our business in support of this. We want to be clearly understood and clear in our purpose.

We realized we could do that with one simple word. Playable.

And so Leadfamly is becoming Playable.

We’re excited about the change. Playable marketing has always been at the heart of what we do. But perhaps we haven’t shouted about it as loudly as we could have.

Marketers and brands know that marketing needs to adapt to what audiences want, and so we are all revisiting, and in some cases, inventing new strategies. There’s a distinct shift away from passive, static marketing and towards putting interactivity and connectivity at the heart of what we do.  

What connects us more than play?, we asked ourselves. It uses our most ordinary instinct to engage through play, it’s interactive, and it’s memorable. Regardless of what is going on around us, it’s in our nature to find time to play. 

For marketers, this sort of predictability in results and engagement is a dream. Our customers spend up to 40x more time with their audience compared to other tactics like digital ads. They use the Playable platform to create experiences to meet KPIs and solve challenges unique to their brand. 

The power of such an offer is substantial. Interactive content is becoming more important than ever as the value of experience rises. Consumers want content they can engage with because it piques their interest and offers something different from the other marketing messages they receive. They get more from it.

This shift away from passive marketing is powered by consumer preferences, updated privacy laws, and a fatigue of marketing messaging being pushed upon us.

Say hello to playable marketing where every interaction between brand and audience is meaningful and memorable. Where play is a critical aspect of marketing strategy and drives predictable results. Get the competitive advantage that comes from being differentiated and playable.

Leadfamly is now Playable, the platform for creating marketing moments that matter. Welcome! 

Playable logo blue.