Gamifying A Retail Store Opening

Ready for a story of how one brand shaped the audience experience at their flagship store opening?

Shaping New Tomorrow, which first appeared on the Danish TV show Løvens Hule (the Danish version of Dragon’s Den) in 2018, has since created a thriving online business selling their stretchy formal wear.

The success of their online retail shop has led them to open their flagship store in Aarhus and they used gamification to make the store opening fun and memorable. Shaping New Tomorrow’s marketing team made a special game campaign exclusively for superfans who showed up to check out the new store. 

About the game

The SNT marketing team created a Wheel Of Fortune that people could play while they waited in line to enter the store. This is a great example of multichannel marketing where customers are physically present and are also interacting with the brand online. It shows that businesses can reach customers at all touch points to drive engagement and sales, which creates a cohesive experience for customers AND delights them while they wait in line. Lastly, SNT’s Wheel Of Fortune campaign also helped them collect customer information. 

The prize

Customers played for a chance to win boxers and a T-shirt. This was an exclusive opportunity for those who showed up for the event only and wasn’t available elsewhere. 

Within the first 60 minutes of the campaign going live, SNT already had 200 registrations. By the end of the day, there were nearly 600 unique registrations, each player averaging 32 game plays each! (yes, that’s really the right number!)

The benefits

For the customer, they were able to potentially win a limited edition prize. In addition, while they waited to get into the store, they were also entertained with a fun game to play. 

For SNT, this campaign helped them gather first-party data on some of their audience. And by using marketing automation tools, they can also personalize the offers that their customers and/or audience receives.

“Being able to provide our guests with an awesome experience while waiting in line is really special. Leadfamly has been extremely helpful and engaging in developing this game for us. The value of entertainment and the number of unique registrations unite perfectly with this concept. Therefore, we have chosen to pass on this game to future store openings. The game is straightforward and easy to set up with a simple integration for your ESP. Besides, it’s scalable and easy to develop further. We’re excited to present the 2.0 version for our next store opening!”

– Jacob Bech, Digital Marketing Manager, Shaping New Tomorrow