Consumer Behavior Is Changing — So What Can Retail Marketers Do?

There’s little question that retail has experienced major changes throughout the past couple of years. The enormous growth of ecommerce makes it busier than ever before. Coupled with the fact that consumers are now in the driving seat and decide on when, where, and how to shop, retail marketers are facing new challenges of cutting through the noise. So how do you win the battle for attention in the retail industry? We’ve created a guide to how marketing gamification can help solve these new challenges – and of course we wanted to share it with you!

What’s the problem retailers face?

Retail is under pressure. Consumers even more so — it’s been this way for a while.. However, following the shift online by customers and retailers during the pandemic, it’s gotten even busier.

The sheer scale of change and volume of new players makes it more challenging. It’s now more difficult than ever to stand out from the crowd. So, gaining new customers in an overcrowded market is a big challenge to overcome. Coupled with the challenge of deepening engagement with existing customers, where both groups may  have bought differently during the pandemic. It means a need to deliver exceptional, memorable retail experiences in the fight for attention from the overwhelmed consumer.

How can marketing gamification help?

How on earth can you be heard and engage the consumer with something different, memorable but still of value to both you the retailer, and the consumer? 

The answer comes in the form of marketing gamification. 

Put simply, it’s using your marketing message to encourage your consumers to play. This, in turn, can boost engagement, increase sales and ultimately extend the value of that customer across their lifetime with us. And all without the hard sell of traditional marketing messages since the customer has to choose to opt-in to play these games.

The fact that it’s the customer that is in control of whether they play or not also improves engagement. It doesn’t make the consumer feel like they are just being marketed at.

Interested in reading more about the purposes for which retailers and brands can use marketing gamification and how it benefits customers? You can get our e-guide Retail Is Under Pressure here: