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The interactivity, delivered through gamification, is a must-have in the marketer’s toolkit. Available any time and best used throughout the customer journey to immerse audiences in playable brand experiences that are uniquely meaningful to them.

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Whether you are new or an experienced user of playable marketing and gamification, we’ve got the resources to help. Learn more about gamification and be inspired with guides, webinars, a FAQ, and blog posts.

Gamification research report

Marketing is a data game

We worked with YouGov on a consumer research study on gamification, data, and engagement.

Get the full report and findings in our ebook: Marketing is a data game.


Success stories with Playable

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“The Leadfamly platform has given us a clear competitive advantage. Without it, the campaign would have taken too much time, been too difficult, and we would have risked operational problems and breakdowns during the campaign. With the platform it all works – I don’t have to worry at all.”
— Allard de Wijkerslooth, Media & Digital Manager, Carlsberg Read the success story
“We value that the existing game concepts work so well for us. Also, it’s great that we can reskin the games and make them look really on-brand.”
— Adam Pow, Head of Member Engagement and CRM, Virgin Red, Virgin Red Read the success story
“As a business, gamification has been a pivotal step forward for innovation within our shopper activation offering for Costcutter. Gamification is the perfect way to communicate and engage with new and existing shoppers, whilst also giving us the opportunity to understand them better and create more personalised communication. It’s a dynamic and engaging platform that is easy to work with from our perspective and easy to engage with as a shopper. “
— Emma Sutton, Media & Activation Manager, Bestway Retail, Convenience Marketing, Costcutter Read the success story
Coop Gamification Background
“We’ve been using the Leadfamly platform for over a year, and it’s greatly helped with our CRM (customer relationship management). It’s an easy-to-use platform, and we can see that the more our customers win vouchers and pick them up, the more often they visit a Coop store. This is great for us. We recommend the Leadfamly platform for companies that want control over how often and how they engage their customer base.”
— Head of Coop Loyalty Programs, Coop Read the success story

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