Leadfamly Masterclass 2021 – Terms and Conditions

1. About the competition:

The competition is created by LeadFamly. You can enter the contest to win prizes provided by LeadFamly. Winners cannot request LeadFamly to exchange prizes for another prize or for cash. Participation in the competition is conditional upon signing up for the LeadFamly newsletter and thus receiving occasional marketing emails.

The winner will be contacted directly via email. The winner is found using a simple random draw from all who have completed the game. The more games you play (and register for) the more entries into the prize draw you get.  The winner will be contacted directly via email. If the winner does not respond within 8 business days after the winner has been contacted by LeadFamly, then LeadFamly reserves the right to draw a new winner.

As this is a premium, there is no right of claim under the Purchase Act. The competition aims to be entertaining and the competition aims to market LeadFamly. Participants cannot subsequently file a claim against LeadFamly. By participating in the competition you consent to receive newsletters, information about promotions, events, contests, and games by email. You can always revoke the consent by clicking the unsubscribe link in any of the inquiries you receive. LeadFamly reserves the right to terminate competitions without prior notice. LeadFamly’s competition decision is final. This competition is governed by Danish law. Any dispute that may arise in connection with these Terms of Competition or the Competition must be brought before the Danish Courts or a relevant and competent Board of Appeal.

2. Who can participate?

Only persons over the age of 18 and residing within Europe are eligible to enter the competition. Employees of LeadFamly, members of their household, and any person directly or indirectly involved in organising this competition may not participate. 

Valid entries are from businesses email addresses only.

3. How do you participate?

In order to participate in the games, you must register via the Registration page. If you win the game, you will win the prize of a chocolate bar. You can play the game as many times as you wish, but you will only gain one entry to the main prize pool. If you wish to participate in the competition for prizes from LeadFamly, then you agree that we must contact you for the purpose of awarding the prize.

4. Prizes

The 4 prizes are: pair of standard Apple AirPods, £50 Amazon gift card, 2x travel coffee mug & hot chocolate sets.

The prize draw will be drawn at random after midday on Thursday 25th November. Winners will be notified by their business email address and prizes posted out to them. Cut off for entries is after our last Masterclass event sponsorship – midday on Thursday 25th November. Winners will be notified by their business email address and prizes posted out to them.

5. Additional information

Furthermore you automatically sign up for our newsletter. Signing up for LeadFamly’s newsletter is free and non-binding, from which you can unsubscribe at any time – You can ALWAYS unsubscribe if you get tired of receiving our emails, right from your inbox.

In addition, you need to know that we take good care of your personal information – Your information will not be passed over to third parties. Read our privacy policy here.