2020: Year In Review

At last year’s Christmas party we were setting our sights on 2020 and hoping for a less ‘crazy’ year than 2019. Our CEO talked about the big year we were closing out, and how we would still be ambitious in 2020 but we’d be able to take a bit of a breather. That didn’t quite happen. 

The story of 2020 is the story of a global pandemic and how we all dealt with it. At Leadfamly, we’ve been fortunate to have customers stick with us and we’ve been able to support them,  despite the challenges presented by Covid-19. 

With this in mind, we present to you some of our high points during this crazy year.

The highlights:

In 2020 we started new initiatives

Launched the Leadfamly Academy

Released a major platform update

New customers operating in New Zealand, Mexico, the U.S., and Bulgaria

Company growth

Revenue growth 50% – we anticipated more, but in Covid-19 times, we are super proud of this

50% employee growth 

Job applicants since December last year: 886

Our customers love us!

Our clients saw 73 million game plays, a 25% increase from last year  

December 1st was our busiest day where we saw 1.7 million game plays

Replies sent through Intercom, our chat support: 71,000

Chat support satisfactory rating: 98%

Finland saw a 500% increase in page views

What’s next?

In spite of the pandemic, we’ve accomplished a lot at Leadfamly in 2020. We’re gearing up to start 2021 with new ideas and a fresh approach to our business. We can’t wait to show the world what we have in store in the near future. 

So cheers to you for being part of our evolving story and to a 2021 that will be nothing less than exciting.