Playable’s Year in Review 2022

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Here at Playable, when we look back at the end of each year, we are always filled with gratitude for our customers, community, and colleagues. We’ve watched our customers create and successfully launch amazing playable experiences  – enabling them to hit their KPIs, whether that’s brand awareness, engagement time, revenue generation, or loyalty. They spent valuable and focused time with their audiences.

Connection is still our top priority

Our platform enabled

  • 248,270,000 game sessions
  • 100,000+ games created by our customers 
  • 17.8 million prizes rewarded through the Playable platform
  • 1.47 million hours spent with consumers 

Our customers achieved incredible campaign results

  • 66 seconds average time spent on a gameplay
  • 45% unique registration rate
  • 23% CTR (click-through-rate) 

Our chat support engineers are always just a click away, ready to help. They supported customers with

  • A 99.4% chat support rating
  • A median response time of 16 seconds! 
  • An incredible 89,356 chats
playable data year in review

What was most popular? 

This year’s superlatives include top games, most time spent playing, most repeat gameplays, and the highest registration rate.

We also had some personal company highlights this year, including 

  • 6.94 million registrations on December 1st, historically one of our busiest days of the year 
  • Our rename to Playable; better explaining who we are, what we do, and what our platform powers for our customers and their audiences

At the end of the day, we are grateful for you making our community what it is. It’s been quite a year. We’re excited to see what 2023 and you bring!