International Women’s Day At Leadfamly

For the last 110 years, the 8th of March has symbolized International Women’s Day, which is celebrated worldwide as a day where we actively recognize female achievements and encourage actions to keep the fight going for gender equality. 

You may be thinking “Why is this necessary?” Well, this change hasn’t come overnight, it has required brave women and men to have the guts to stand up for what is right. We  have come a long way but we are still not there in every society globally. 

We at Leadfamly are actively taking part in IWD to create awareness around these issues women face. As an innovative SaaS company we strive to be a good example for the rest of the world and speak up about equality, diversity, and breaking down biases. Although we have a 50/50 gender equality split, there is still always room for improvement so it’s time to educate ourselves on how to recognize the importance of gender and be accepting of our differences. 

To celebrate this day, we decided to interview a group of employees and ask them specifically about their thoughts about gender in the workplace. We’ve gotten many great insights from conducting these interviews which resulted in a video created by our colleague Scott. A huge thanks to everyone who has been involved in this process and taken part in the interviews we have conducted during the past couple of weeks! With this we hope to further the understanding around these issues and support continuous growth of the movement

This year’s International Women’s Day focuses on the time we are living through, with regard to the reckoning many countries are seeing as well as the pandemic. A lot of things have changed in the past year and the world isn’t the same. This is the right time to challenge what we know and believe about gender and equality.